Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Time Thief

Call the police, call the national guard, bring in the marines!!! Someone stole one hour from me!

Oh brother, relax and step away from the phone, I go through this every year. It's the time thief's annual trip to my house. Did anyone have a hard time getting up? I did and so did Sadie the doggie.

As a result, we went for our morning walk about one hour later than hour...
imagine that!

I get a little crabby in the days following the time change. I can usually be found grumbling out loud about how it's really 5:30 and not 6:30 in the morning and should be in bed instead of getting the day started. Do I hear an Amen!

Did you know clocks have been around in various forms for a very long time, but even well-versed historians have difficulty in agreeing just how long. The word “clock” stems from the Latin “clocca,” for bell. One of the earliest types of clock was the sundial, the use of which began around 5,500 years ago. Of course one MAJOR disadvantge to this was that on cloudy days time literally stood still.
The far more efficient pendulum clock was invented by Dutch physicist Christian Huygens in the mid-1600s. Its accuracy has been much improved over the centuries. The advent of the quartz crystal movement, invented in the early 1900s, surpassed the mechanical clock for precision and is now the most widely used technology. However, to horology buffs, mechanical clocks and wristwatches are the ultimate timepiece.

Excuse me, horology???? Ah yes, the science of time keeping. Whatever you want to call it, I'm still missing one hour!

Ciao Bella

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  1. Yes...I had a hard time! My grandson spent the night and got me up at 6:30...thinking it was 7:30...already bad enough!!! Have a good week...Debbie