Monday, August 30, 2010

Hawaii is calling

My friend Sandi has a travel blog called Hawaii FYI that features places, attractions and restaurants you may want to visit when you are in Hawaii. From time to time, I will be guest posting on her blog about my remberences of Hawaii as it has been ten years now that I have been away from home. Here's my first...

The re-boot of Hawaii Five-0 is calling me! How thrilling must the Hawaii Film Office be that not only is the location identified as Hawaii but in case you missed it, it's in the title! The trickledown effect must be sending waves of "chicken skin" down the spine of the local economy including the hospitality and airline industries not to mention the locals. Another reason to proclaim, "Hawaii No Ka Oi!"

How well I remember the Five-0 of old, the golden years 1968 through 1980. In 1968 the state's first McDonald's opened in Aina Haina (I know I was there) and Hawaii Five-0 began a 12-year stint that September. How crazy was it when McGarrett would radio that he was traveling on Kalakaua when clearly he was out by Sandy Beach! We locals always had a great chuckle over things like that!

Jack Lord as Steve McGarrett

Jack Lord was my homeboy; we lived in the same neighborhood. In 1968 Kahala Mall was still called Waialae Shopping Center later changing to the trendier Kahala Mall in 1969. Lord and his wife Marie could always be found at the mall and the surrounding area. They were always nice and very approachable. Jack Lord says he was frequently asked 'Do you like Hawaii?' and his response was always, 'No, I love Hawaii.'

Such was Lord's love of the islands that he continued to live in Hawaii long after the series went off the air. He died in 1998 at his home in Kahala and his wife Marie followed in 2005.

Jack and Marie Lord - 1968

The estate of Jack and Marie Lord was divided among twelve Hawaiian nonprofit educational, cultural and medical institutions. A remberence of Lord, a bronzed bust, now sits outside the mall where he interacted with local kids like me all those years ago.

Hawaii Five-0 debuts on CBS Monday night, September 20. If you are lucky enough to be in Hawaii on September 13, there will be a special screening of the pilot on Waikiki Beach when the sun sets. Cast members will be in attendance so you should get there early to stake out a spot.

The new cast of Hawaii Five-0

So good luck to the new cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0, you have pretty bigs shoes to fill but the buzz and excitement of your return is palpable. Imua!, and you know I have to say this...Book 'em Danno!

# # #

For my UK friends, Bravo UK secured the rights to air Hawaii Five-0 and is expected to start airing it at the same time as the US airing. Canada's Global TV will premier the show in Fall 2010.

Here's a link you call follow to view Five-0 trailers:

And here is a glossary of words and phrases you may not be familiar with in the post:
  • Chicken skin: local equivalent of goose bumps
  • Hawaii No Ka Oi: means number one or the best
  • Kalakaua: the main drag in Waikiki named after the Hawaiian monarch King David Kalakaua
  • Imua: to go forward


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Seriously, I have to post about what happened last night BUT before I do that you must take a look at this video because like Clarissa, it explains it all.

Cute commercial yes? Except that was me and it wasn't Rocky Raccoon it was a Pepe Le Pew, a SKUNK! I've never seen a skunk up close and personal before but let me tell you, they are pretty recognizable!

I was in the kitchen when I heard the gate rattle which is usually an indication that it's a cat jumping over the gate. Since my cat was in the house, I figured it must be the new cat from next door come to say hello again. I opened the back door, just like in the commercial, and started kitty, kitty!

The only thing I could see was a dark furry tail and it was about this time both the cat and dog started getting excited as I turned on the patio light. Kitty ran into the bedroom, jumped on the chair next to the window practically shredding the curtains trying to open them. We both looked outside and that's when I actually said out loud...IT'S A SKUNK!

A re-enactment!

No kitties or skunks were hurt during this photo shoot!

As skunks go, it was cute and very furry, black with a white stripe going down it's back just like in the nature programs. Yes, it was a Mephitis mephitis coming from the Latin mephitis meaning...BAD ODOR! Not sure why they repeat the word twice, I think I'd get it the first time! Thankfully, le skunk wasn't feeling threatened so did not leave a pungent odor behind as a parting gift.

Moral of the story: Go to Sears Optical and get a new pair of glasses!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Will Hunting

It's Sunday! Anybody up for a trip to the Goodwill store?

Apologies this picture is a little blurry but we are on the 8 freeway and headed south taking the Rosecrans exit toward an area called Point Loma, specifically Sports Arena/Midway. We'll save the beaches and Los Angeles for another time, ok?

The traffic on Rosecrans really isn't bad today but there are days when it is cutthroat!

Here's our stop, the Goodwill Store or as my friend used to call it Good Willies or the Good Will Hunting store.

This was the scene of my latest coup, the full skirt you saw last week. I still need to find some tops for it.

I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt and I try to look for vintage items for the house.

There are racks and racks of clothes.

You never know what you'll find...maybe a Bob Mackie sweater like this one from the 80s! Hey I could have been on the Cosby Show with this snazzy number! By the way, the back was every bit as colorful as the front.

I loved these shoes but they were just slightly tight and I know if I wore these somewhere I would have ended up in tears and hobbling in pain. I would have been in a full ugly cry mode, sadly I put them back with a big sigh.

These cute shoes fit fine but I decided not to get them because I was on a mission at the time and these fun shoes were not on the agenda. I know I'll regret it. Please don't remind me of the time I actually held a Kate Spade bag in my hand for $10 and put it back on the rack. Aaarrgh!

I had to take a picture of the sky it was so beautiful. Speaking of noodles (below), the town is like one limp noodle and we are experiencing a heat wave. We did get a little relief this weekend but the temps are supposed to pickup again this week. I'm sure it will reach around 93-95 degrees.

Oh, I stopped off at Noodles & Company for some shrimp Pad Thai. The restaurant is a healthy "fast food" chain that specializes in all kinds of noodles including a variety of Asian noodles, pasta and even serve macaroni and cheese.
Enjoy your week!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Something new to wear

Isn't this a cute skirt? I got it at Goodwill for $5 a great price plus the skirt is fully lined. It's pleated at the top and then flares out to a very full skirt. I haven't worn it out yet but I love the swirly, vaguely Indian print of the skirt and the addition of sequins.

I'm feeling very sparkly!

But what to wear with it??? I decided to shop Le Closet! Unfortunately, there's not much to choose from but I did find this top purchased from a catalog so long ago that I can't remember its name.

The top paired with a chocolate cardie from Goodwill for $3.99 never worn and still had the shop tags on it! Imagine, originally $35!

A sampling of earrings to choose from. The hoop pair are from Forever 21 and the other three are from long ago. You can see some of my tea pot collection in the background. I'll do a post on them one of these days.

I've been jonseing for a charm bracelet forever and finally found one! For some reason they remind me of being a kid again plus they're just plain fun. This charmer was only $1.99 from Goodwill. They are supposed to be clam shells one half pearlized and the other half gold plated with a pearl in them. I think this will be a good match with the skirt.

Rampage peep-toes (ridiculously priced at Ross Dress for Less last year so I HAD to get them) and two-tone Bandolino slip-ons (from Goodwill barely worn). I think a nice straw wedge would be nice too.

Here is everything put together but I will really have to work on getting some tops to go with the skirt. Sorry the photo is a little blurry but it's the best one of the bunch! It's 93 degrees today and I am wondering what I am doing in a sweater!

How about something cool to drink? I picked up two bottles of this new drink from Canada Dry, sparkling green tea ginger ale. Don't they put green tea in everything these days? I completely demolished one bottle yesterday and am ready to start on this one. Come join me and bring some nibbles with you! Maybe we'll catch a cool evening breeze.

The glass cake stand is from a neighbor's yard sale about a year ago and the wine glass is from Marshall's. It features the Franciscan Desert Rose pattern that I fell in love with when I was a just a kid.

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sushi and a movie

So I had some errands to run this week and after the bank, post office and grocery store, decided I would treat myself to sushi and a movie!

I looooove sushi, any kind, and could eat it every single day. I stopped off at Sushi Hut on Mission Center Road and ordered the California Combo lunch special for $6 and some odd cents.

It may take a while to decide what you want! Sorry the menu isn't clearer.

Some awesome looking raw fish. Hope you're not squeamish!

The California Combo is a great special with 8 pieces of sushi (a California roll), a medium sized soft drink and a vege roll and on this particular day because I had to wait so long, the manager gave me an extra roll so I scored.

In the same strip mall is a Blockbuster so I decided to take a look at what was new. Funny about me and Blockbuster, I go in spurts. I won't step in the store for almost a year and the next thing you know I'm there every weekend renting up a storm. They have a new policy that all rentals are $5 for five days and kids rentals are 99 cents.

Starting to plate up! I know, I could eat from the container and save myself some dishwashing but this is more fun and I love these vintage plates my mom got for me a while back.

All set for some video watching - WAIT - I still call them videos when clearly they are DVDs! Old dogs, no new tricks and all that I guess! It's pathetic, I only recently got a cell phone and it's a pay as you go phone! Anyway, get comfortable and get ready to watch Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

I enjoyed the movie and unlike some movies, it did not stray much from the book. I liked the book so much I got a copy for my nephew which he enjoyed immensely!

In fact, I enjoyed the movie so much I'll watch it again before I return it. Something I don't always do.

Did you know Sean Bean is in this movie? I adore him. Have you ever watched this old BritishTV show called the Vicar of Dibley? The vicar is actually, surprise, a woman played by Dawn French and she had a thing for Sean Bean. It was cute and one day he showed up at her door, forget how it ended though. So that was a little off the subject but take a peak at the trailer for Percy Jackson.

Have a good one!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion Valley Mall

I started visiting Fashion Valley Mall back in the 80s when it was a teeny mall and I used to like to go to Lupita's for great Mexican food. News flash, Lupita's isn't there anymore!

San Diego used to be a sleepy beach town but it has since grown into a mini LA. I'm not sure if I like that or not but it still has a slower pace than LA thank goodness. One of the things that has changed dramatically is this mall. I wish I had pictures of what it used to look like! See the picture below? There didn't used to be condos on the top of ridge and the condos at the bottom are brand new. This shot was taken from the walkway between Bloomies and ZGallerie. Do you recognize the Cheesecake Factory (bldg. with the dome) on the left? There is yumminess to be had there and it's great for brunch.

There are 200 stores and restaurants in this mall and since I haven't been in a while, I noticed a lot of my favorites have gone missing and lots of new stores in their place. Someone tell me what happened to Harry & David's and Paper Doll!

A few of the usual suspects...

I used to love going to Charlotte Russe but actually am surprised it is still around since the mall did its revamp.

The old workhorse - Bloomies

The new workhorse - Banana Republic

I haven't watched MadMen yet, have you?

Love this store!

A few mall favorites....

This is a fairly new store but judging from the clothes is exactly how I like to dress, casual.

If I could afford to shop at Antropologie believe me I would!

Chico's has lots of great casual and chic garments and accessories.

There is also a mini Sephora's in JC Penney's

Oh, Jeeves, please get me a POUND of Godiva's assorted chocolates!

Lots of fun if pricey accessories here

The designers...

A sale, yippee! Actually, I really do love Carolina's designs. Notice how we are on a first name basis!

If you have to ask how much it costs...

New kids in town:
H&M, still fairly new

The very brand new (about one month) Microsoft Store

Forever 21 is a favorite to haunt for fun accessories (because frankly I don't fit into their clothing and I'm positive I don't fit their demographics)! Remember shops like Judy's, Wet Seal, House of 9? Anyway, this is a great place for inexpensive bits and baubles.

Have a great week everyone!