Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost in Austen Goodie Box

So remember the goodie box I mentioned in my last post? My wonderful mailman came back to find me with the box. I looked to see who it was from and it was my friend Heidi sending me a surprise package from back home that included a DVD and a few delectable snacks!

We had talked about a movie Lost in Austen which is another fanciful take on Pride and Prejudice. It had been on my PBS station but Heidi did not think it was shown on her local station. She happened to find a DVD of it and loved it and sent over because I had only seen a snippet of the four part series which goes something like this....

Modern girl Amanda Price, who finds her life lacking in the romance department, can almost always be found with her nose buried in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Imagine her surprise when she finds one Miss Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom. Elizabeth begins to explain that she has arrived through a portal in the Bennet attic that opens up to Amanda's bathroom. A dumbfounded Amanda begins to tell Elizabeth that time travel is one thing but time travel with a fictional character, well it's impossible! And thus the adventure begins.

Seriously, what proper take off on Pride and Prejudice would not include a scene of Darcy at the lake. This Mr. Darcy is no Colin Firth but he is no slouch either! Brilliant!

This film is 3 hours long so be sure you make time for it and get all your snacks together. It's a fun spoof on P&P where once Amanda makes her appearance in the Bennet household the story we all know and love begins to unravel. Will Amanda be able to keep the celebrated romance of Elizabeth and Darcy on track? And what of Elizabeth Bennet in modern day London? You will have to rent the DVD to find out! But don't worry it does has a happy ending!

A series of unfortunate events

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you are all enjoying some great weather at your backyard BBQs and picnic outings today!

I have been plagued with computer problems this weekend that took me from my local confines of San Diego to the Philippines and India via the phone. Somehow it doesn't seem very patriotic to have your business outsourced in foreign countries considering our current economic climate BUT never mind! My local internet provider said everything looked fine and there was nothing more he could do so sent me to Microsoft who also could do nothing for me and she sent me to Gateway. By the time I got to Gateway I was in tears. After being on the phone for what seemed like hours, I finally told the woman forget it, I'm going to call my friend (which is what I should have done in the first place). She had the nerve to tell me he wouldn't be able to help me! So Harry to the rescue. It took Harry twenty minutes to get to my house and five minutes on my computer and all is now well. Can I just say...nanny, nanny, boo, boo!

The following day there was someone rapping at my front door. It turns out to be the yardman from next door telling me I need to get over to my neighbor's house. A little background: My neighbor Margie no longer occupies her home. About five years ago, and she fought this tooth and nail, had to go to assisted living and later moved in with her niece. She was a frail 83 at the time and I only just learned Margie passed away three years ago. So back to the yardman, Tran, who told me I needed to see something. He led me to Margie's back door and I was shocked to see the door in a shambles. At first we thought maybe someone had broken in but then decided, based on the condition of the door, it just gave out and partially collasped. Take a look.

Yes, I know, quite shocking.

I called the police and Tran called Margie's family. Three officers arrived and when they saw the condition of the house on the inside were shocked. I knew Margie was a hoarder unable to throw things away but the sight of it was most amazing. So one officer got out gloves and a mask and entered the house to ensure there was no one in there. Margie's family was advised to clean out the house as it was a health hazard and a danger. The nephew explained that Margie was a Depression Era baby and could not throw anything away. I had to giggle because to Margie's consternation, she could never get her cat Tinker to be an indoor cat! Now I know why, there was absolutely no room in the house for Tinker to kick his shoes off!

The sight of police cars naturally brought out the other neighbors mainly Juliette and Yvette two elderly sisters who live on the other side of Margie. Although they knew the house was unoccupied they also did not know that Margie had past away. A friend of the sisters, who turned out to be an off duty policeman, also joined in the frey. Then our mailman strolled by doled out our mail and chatted a little, then told me he would be back as he had a box for me. As all this is taking place I realized how much I like living in my neighborhood. It may be 2009 but there is still something old school and mom, pop and apple pie about it.

Margie, I miss you. The house was built by her father in the 20s and had a little turtle pond and cattery. Margie used to tell me stories of how she and her sister would ride their ponies as our area at one time was agricultural. Margie became quite stooped over the years but behind that frail body was a pair of bright blue eyes that let you know her mind that was still sharp as a tack.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love the 80s TV

In no particular order, I would like to present a few of my favorite TV shows from that fabulous decade of big hair and shoulder pads, the 80s!

21 Jump Street
21 Pictures, Images and Photos

OK, I know I no particular order...but I LOVED this show! What was not to like about this sexy looking cast with a great theme song! These officers were young enough to pass as students and solved crimes in many a high school. Johnny Depp, we love you!

Murder She Wrote

My mom and I couldn't get enough of Jessica Fletcher. You would find us in front of the TV every Sunday night tuning in to the latest mystery from Cabot Cove, Maine. Mrs. Fletcher was a former substitute English teacher turned mystery writer. Murder just seemed to follow Jessica around and she did have a flair for sleuthing. Mystery solved, case closed!


What would MacGyver do was the mantra of the 80s! Did you know MacGyver had a first name? There was an episode devoted to this subject as previous to this we only knew him as Mac or MacGyver. In actuality his first name was Angus. What I liked about MacGyver was he always sought non-violent ways to solve some pretty desperate situations prefering to disable or subdue. The things he could do with a paper clip and chewing gum! Oh yeah, and he was cute!

The Cosby Show

The Huxtables - what a great mom and dad, what great kids, loved the grandparents too and the assorted characters like Theo's friend "Cockroach" real name Walter! The Cosby Show was #1 in ratings for five consecutive years and according to TV Guide, singlehandedly revived the sitcom genre. My favorite Huxtable was Vanessa and I loved how she faced typical teenage problems, like was she a dweeb because she excelled in her school work or wearing makeup before her 15th birthday in violation of her parents' rules. She had a sunny personality and I also loved her cool hairstyles throughout the show!

moonlighting Pictures, Images and Photos
Come on David and Maddie enough with the fighting already but then again that's what kept us glued to the series. In between cases, we wondered if they would or wouldn't ever get together. The sexual tension between the two characters was pretty taut. I was also amused by the way Miss DiPesto rhymed over the phone. I bet if the show were being filmed today she would be rapping!

Another great TV theme featuring Al Jarreau

Murphy BrownOK, this show crossed into the 90s - the series aired from 1988 to 1998. I think what the show was best remembered for was the 1992 Dan Quayle debacle when he used Murphy Brown in his presidential campaign speech espousing family values when Murphy became a single mother. I believe candidate Quayle forgot to mention she was fictional although he did call her a character. In an espisode titled You Say Potatoe, I Say Potato (love it!) the fictional characters of Murphy Brown addressed the controversy with an FYI piece dealing with the diversity of the American family.

Remington Steele
Loved Laura's spunkiness and creativity that prompted her to create Remington Steele a non-existent MALE private investigator when she realized no one hired her because she was a WOMAN. She was the brains behind the outfit but "Remington" usually got the credit and stole the show. He was also fond of spouting old movie trivia if you remember. Mildred joined the firm as their office assistant who pretty much got caught up in the investigations as well.

Star Trek - The Next Generation Prior to Next Generation the tagline was Where No Man Has Gone Before. I'm glad they changed it not just for womankind but for all intergallactic species! I love Star Trek in all its incarnations. Next Generation is one of my favorites.

But enough about what I liked, what about you? There were lots of other shows out there like Falcon Crest, Dynasty, Night Court, Perfect Strangers, Square Pegs and Bosom Buddies - Tom Hanks and Sarah Jessica Parker had to start somewhere you know!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surviving Catholic School

Years ago I saw a picture of Madonna in a Tshirt that said I Survived Catholic School and thought, her too? How does one describe Catholic school, honestly, I can't begin to tell you. But Bill O'Reilly does a good job of it.

Yes, Bill O'Reilly that Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity. I borrowed his book on a recent trip to the library and have been laughing out loud since. Most everyone is familiar with the O'Reilly we see on TV, the brash, ego-driven, pompous so and so. But apparently, Bill and I have more in common than I would have thought.

Bill went to St. Brigids School in Westbury, NY which he describes as cruel and unusual punishment. My incarceration began in Kindergarten at Star of the Sea School in Honolulu, HI. We both attended school when corporal punishment was the norm. I was a well behaved student but even I had my knuckles rapped. Bill on the other hand was a little knucklehead who inspired a nun to come up with this very original quote...William, you are a bold, fresh piece of humanity!

Surely this is the face of an angel and not a little hooligan!
That will be three Hail Mary's, one Our Father and
the Act of Contrition, William

At our school, the nun's came up with an unusal method of keeping their young charges compliant...the spanking room. I am not making this up! It was actually a supply closet but we didn't know it at the time. It was never actually described to us but believe me we had very fertile imaginations. I pictured it as some sort of machine that had belt straps attached to it and doled out punishment to poor unsuspecting children. God forbid the dog really did eat your homework!

On his eighth-grade report card, Bill describes a comment written by Sister Mary Martin: Socializes quite freely yet resents correction! As a side note, strangely, most nuns were named Sister Mary Something. Anyway, after viewing the note, the conversation at the O'Reilly house went like this.

Mr. O'Reilly: What the hell does that mean?

Bill: I'm popular.

Mr. O'Reilly: Get less popular!

Bill: Okay.

I really admire the way Bill thinks on his feet! By the way Bill had a sister Janet, who was neither fresh nor bold and the nuns loved her.

Bill continued his Catholic education and graduated from Chaminade High School while I switched to Kalani High School, a public school at the start of my sophomore year. I can only say that I went through some serious culture shock! You just wouldn't believe it. Such language, such gestures, smoking in the bathroom, cutting class? OMIG - I had just landed on Mars!

In the end I believe changing schools was a good thing giving me exposure to the outside world. In Catholic school there was no doubt we were sheltered. What I missed most besides my childhood friends was the structure and discipline. Although I had made friends and did well in public school my loyalties lay with Star of the Sea. And yet I still feel some conflict about it. The stories I could tell you, I know you would shake your head in disbelief.

Let me leave you here. I'm only half way through the book and I am curious what other adventures Bill and I may have in common.

Remember if you have any comments keep it pithy and no bloviating. That's Bill's job!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chick Flick

I know I've mentioned The Jane Austen Book Club before but I have been catching the movie on TV lately and every time I see it I fall more deeply, madly in love with it! So much so that I've decided to add it to my Chick Flick Library!

If you haven't seen the movie here is the trailer...

A brief synopsis:
Six Californians start a club to discuss the works of Jane Austen, only to find their relationships -- both old and new -- begin to resemble 21st century versions of her novels.

A few quotes:

Allegra: If only she'd stop speaking French. Jocelyn: Or at least go to France, where it would be less noticeable! Note: Meow, scratch, scratch! They are referring to Prudie who although teaches French has never actually been to France.

Bernadette: Let us never underestimate the power of a well-written letter. Note: word to the wise! This is how Sylvia's ex, Daniel, starts to woo her back.

Prudie: I'm in love with one of my students. I mean, nothing's happened, much. It could if I let it... I fantasize about him constantly. Bernadette: Sweetie, your mother died. This is grief. Prudie: He looks at me like he's the spoon, and I'm this dish of ice cream. Note: I know Prudie is referring to her student and it's so ripped from the headlines and makes me feel a bit tawdry, but I love what she says about the spoon and the ice cream.

Daniel: (speaking to Sylvia) I'm sorry, we don't shop on this side of town, ever. You can have this Whole Foods. We won't ever use it again, ok? Note: oops, awkward but funny situation. I guess that's what happens when you and your ex live in the same town!

If you've seen The Jane Austen Book Club let me know what you thought and also if you've read the book let me know what you thought as well.

FYI - here is a sampling of my Chick Flick Library!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A rose by any other name

Origin of the name Bonnie: Scottish meaning pretty, charming, fair of face, beautiful

Um, no pressure living up to all that!

It's a documented fact in our family that I gave my poor mother lockjaw during her pregnancy yet she still had the grace to name me Bonnie! How I was given the name depended on who you asked. My father said he named me after his favorite childhood canine a Scottie terrier. Coming from a dog family I always thought that was cute. But if you asked my mother, she would tell you that she named me after her childhood pen pal named Bonnie Perry who lived in Georgia.

As a 4th grader we learned the song...My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, my Bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my Bonnie to me. Oh, the bane of my existence! Later it was...Hey Bonnie, where's Clyde? In high school I decided to drop the "e" and become Bonni with a little daisy on top of the "i" not a dot. I was feeling a little rebellious I guess!

Within the last few years I have been bestowed with...Bon, BonBon, Bonnice, Bonstance, Bonarama, Bonalicious, Bonzai and a few other lovelies, all from friends. It kinda makes me feel warm and fuzzy which all goes back to my mother!

My mother Yolanda, named after an aunt, was the only girl in a family of five. On her 16th birthday she and a friend were headed to the beach to celebrate but first stopped off at a bakery for a treat. Her oldest brother Sandy ran all the way there and breathlessly told her she needed to get home...Pearl Harbor had just been attacked! *in case you didn't know, we are from Hawaii* At 21 my mother met my father on a blind date and in quick succession became engaged and married and then I arrived to rock their world! My mother managed a household of seven kids and although that's a lot of skinned knees, bruised elbows and snotty noses my mother loved us all equally and provided a home that was safe and sheltered from any storm.

One of my favorite pictures
My mom Yolanda, my dad Edgar and their little BonBon


Krazy Kats You May Know!

Hey, it's Saturday so kick your feet up and relax. If the temps are hot where you're at have a pitcher of your favorite ice tea nearby.

A few of these pics are seriously funny so be careful. Just remember that if you are prone to Xtreme bursts of laughter and tea comes flying out your nose, I warned you!

Where's Pluto?
funny pictures of cats with captions

Hi Debbie, this almost looks like Baby Kitty!
funny pictures of cats with captions

Funny, she doesn't look like any lunch lady I know!
funny pictures of cats with captions

Oh yeah, I'm baaaad!
funny pictures of cats with captions

OMIG - not my Jimmy Choo's - KITTY!
funny pictures of cats with captions

Oh, I don't was a lazy afternoon, I was contemplating life and.....Jumpin' Jehosphats!

So you were laughing right? Told you!

And now in the words of my sainted grandmother....See you in the funny papers!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Come on and Marry Me Bill...

...I got the wedding bell blues! Remember that song by the Fifth Dimension? Oh, you thought I was getting...well, not today!

My friend Cheri and I recently went to a wedding showcase put together by a friend of ours, let's call him Ed (cuz that's his real name!). It was held at the beautiful, the historic, the luxurious U.S. Grant in downtown San Diego and this is what we found...

Yummy! Now this is a great way to start things off!
Our lovely pretend bride-to-be

OOOh, AAAAh, Faaaabulous Darling!

A Mardi Gras theme and a tablecloth of real daisies!

One of the many vendors who attended

A tres chic chandelier

Ed and everyone involved did a wonderful job. Lots of vendors to chat with, spray tan anyone? A Brazillian??? Fabulous nibbles and drinks.

Hope you enjoyed my Fashionable post and be sure to visit Fifi's Fashionable Friday, to enjoy much, much more! Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Mother's Day to my special mom and all the moms out there!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Travels with Bonnie

OK, so I was chatting with a friend about her photography club meeting the other night and one of the members brought with him pictures and video of a recent trip to Japan complete with a script and music. It reminded me of my trip to Japan in the deep dark 70s so I thought I would share a funny story with you.

My cousin and I went out clubbing one night, just a little something we did pretty frequently in Tokyo! This particular night we started in Shinjuku at our regular club called Get! (includes the exclamation point). Then we met up with some friends and moved on to another hangout in Tokyo and then to another closer to home in Akasaka. Wherever we were, because frankly I can't remember, my cousin and I ended up walking home in the rain at 5 IN THE MORNING! I remember being in the middle of the street holding an umbrella, a pink bubble umbrella, singing Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head. Oh, boy, it was the calm before the storm. We strolled into the 7th floor condo and all hell broke loose as you can imagine! PS - I think I forgot to mention that we were only 18!

Let me first introduce you to my Uncle Peter, a calm, reserved, super intelligent guy and my Aunt Eloise, a short (barely 5 ft), fabulous woman who could at times turn into a bit of a screaming mimi, whose voice when excited can only be heard by dogs! I'll make this very painful story very short....we were grounded but not before my aunt and uncle got into it. It started innocently enough when my uncle said....oh, Eloise, Tokyo is the safest city in the world. Wrong, wrong, wrong thing to say, it only served to get my aunt wound up again. For being such a smart guy, to this day it confuses me why he egged it on when it appeared everything was wrapped up! Let sleeping dogs lie, uncle!

Enjoy some pictures of a very exciting and invigorating city, Tokyo by clicking on the link below courtesy of

Tokyo and Japan pictures - PhotoPassJapan

OMIG, I have so many fun stories about my most memorable summer in Japan. I'll follow up with more I only wish I had some pictures to share with you. Unfortunately, I don't have any but I do refer quite frequently to the slide show that plays in my head! I have a lot of wonderful memories of really one of the best experiences of my life.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bonnie Goes Green

So, I know Earth Day/Week is officially behind us now but isn't being green a daily thing?

Have you ever watched Living with Ed? It was originally on HGTV and is now on Planet Green. This reality show (yes, yet another one!) features Ed Begley who comes across as a kooky yet loveable environmentalist and his long suffering wife Rachelle.

Ed featured on the PBS series Edens Lost & Found

A clip from Living with Ed

My favorite episode is when the couple gets ready for the Oscars. Ed stands outside their bathroom door dressed in a tux as he times Rachelle who is getting ready and is presently blowdrying her hair. Let me tell you something, if that were me, the stopwatch would be toast!

Did you know that there are times when eating organically makes great sense and then again doesn't? Considering organic food is a little more expensive, I think you will find the following illuminating.

Foods that don't need to be organic

Twelve foods to buy organic

Do you recycle? Let's just say that I've been a little passive to nearly negligible about it. Yes, I do have energy efficient light bulbs, I always pull the plugs out of appliances when I'm not using them, i.e. the toaster oven, I toss paper, cardboard, plastics etc. in the recycle bin on trash day. I know there's a lot more I could do and I'm getting there.

So what I've done in the past is to save my soda cans (I know bad habit) and water bottles and hang them over the back yard fence for people that come looking for them. It made me feel good, I was recycling and helping someone out at the same time. Well, now that money is a little tight lately I have been going to the recycling center myself and getting a little extra cash...which unfortunately goes right back to feed my soda habit! A vicious cycle! The folks waiting in line with me were helpful as to what I needed to do and I spent about 15 minutes waiting and chatting with the regulars. I don't know, I left there a little stinky but feeling good about it and immediately went into Vons and got myself some Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla soda! Ahhhh!

Hope you are doing your best to go green. Baby steps is probably best. I used to have a vegetable garden which I may start up again. A compost bin may also be in the near future, who knows!