Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas in July

Well, almost Christmas in July! If only the weather would cooperate.

In a rather late attempt at spring cleaning,

I remind myself of Mrs. Cleaver minus the pearls!

I found an Origins bath gel and lotion in my closet that I received for Christmas. Guess I must have put it away for future use and forgot about it so now it’s Christmas in July!

I am wafting in the aroma of Field Mint, Spearmint, Orange and Rosemary that keep skin and spirits revived and revitalized while nourishing Olive, Grape Seed and Rice Bran and Apricot Kernel Oils surround skin in velvety softness. This description is right off the tube of Smoothing Soufflé and after applying some lotion on my arms, I suddenly feel that I have been whisked away to a relaxing spa; perhaps in Bora Bora. Heavenly!

Maybe one day!

I cannot believe I haven’t written since January. Please forgive my absence it’s not that I haven’t wanted to blog or visit with you but I have been under a general malaise. Things however are starting to perk up and I am back only to find that things have changed with Blogger. Not only that but my browser didn't support Blogger. What the ????? I swear I hate technology!

While browsing the TV Guide, I found and watched Soul Surfer, the story of 13-year old Bethany Hamilton the young surfer from sleepy Lihue, Kauai who survived a shark attack in which she lost her left arm. This is not the best film ever made however it is an inspirational story that is worth telling.

The lead actress AnnaSohpia Robb did a fine job and I enjoyed the portrayal of Bethany’s parents as played by Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt. Pretty much anything Helen Hunt touches is gold to me; I think she is a superb actress. Even Kevin Sorbo, in nothing remotely resembling a Hercules loin cloth, turned in a fine if limited performance.

The real Bethany in action

A red carpet moment for this surfer girl

And if you count the island of Kauai as a character, then you will see that there is nothing better than island living.

And finally, there is a new dog in my life. His name is Maxwell aka Mr. Sheffield. Frankly I really wasn’t ready for a new dog but my neighbor who runs a business rescuing dogs thought I might be.

Max straight from the shelter hair all matted before his haircut

Max relieved of all his his tangles and knots

A rather handsome fellow indeed

Max has had a difficult life and we are trying to find our groove but I do my best to make sure he realizes he is in a safe and loving environment as he was much abused by people and other dogs. BTW, Max is back to being a shaggy dog minus all the knots!

Hope you have enjoyed your visit and have a great week.

See you soon!