Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to you!

It's Christmas morning 6:25 a.m. I've just started a pot of coffee with a special holiday blend from Lion's Coffee a friend from home sent me. I can't wait to pour a cup because it is filling the house with a delicious aroma as it brews. I wish you could be here!

This Christmas is a quiet one not a decoration in sight. Not that I'm a Grinch! I chose to celebrate Christmas in my heart today rather than with the traditional fanfare. If you'd like to visit Christmases past with me you can visit Christmas 2010 here and 2009 here.

Today will find me taking a morning walk, something I haven't done since Sadie passed. It'll do me good to get out in the brisk morning air and walk the neighborhood. Last year at this time we were covered in fog but today promises to be beautiful and bright as all Christmas mornings should be.

A friend of mine is visiting with family in Arizona so later in the day I'll take a drive downtown to check on his two cats. I've been told I've got a Christmas present waiting for me as well as all the food I can eat! Hurray!

As for dinner this evening, I'll get a pot roast going when I get home and roast some root vegetables. I can't wait and dessert will be homemade Christmas cookies.

I thought I'd share a photo taken of me and my BFF Cheri earlier this month. We met our mutual friend Ed for breakfast in Hillcrest at a place called R Gang. If you ever go there you have to try their homemade tater tots!

Well, the sun is up it's 7:30 a.m. and time, as they say, is a wastin'. I hope your day is a jolly one spent with friends and family!
Stay snug and warm!
Peace, love and happiness to you all,

Love, Bonnie

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My darling Sadie

If you are reading this post, thank you for sticking with me. Except for a brief period when my blog disappeared (!) the past two months have been devoted to caring for my dog Sadie and my struggle to cope with her death due to cancer. I cannot tell you how profoundly her death has affected me.

I really love this picture of Sadie

Sadie died in my arms on November 4 and though we were in a hospital setting it was not sterile. By that I mean we were surrounded by what I call “Friends of Sadie,” the techs, doctors, receptionists and groomer, those that have known her for the past eleven years. There were many tears shed besides my own as each told me what a wonderful dog she was and shared their stories of Sadie. The groomer told me how she loved taking a bath. Funny, I told her, Sadie was always difficult when I tried to give her a bath which is why I decided to leave it to the professionals!

Sadie and I on one of our many walks together

I decided to have Sadie cremated and she is back with me. There is a little Christmas mouse that sits on the beautiful cedar box that holds Sadie’s cremains. I thought I might share some of my own funny and endearing stories about Sadie but what I will remember most is how I always enjoyed listening to her softly snoring as she slept. To me that little snore meant that Sadie felt snug and safe in the world we shared. Talk about peace on earth.

Get ready here it comes....

The most beautiful smile ever!

How I miss her, I cannot begin to tell you. The cat, Sadie’s incorrigible sibling of sorts, is still with me of course. I think he realizes she is no longer with us but has moved on. They used to have tremendous fun chasing each other around the backyard and how he loved to torment Sadie by pouncing and walking all over her whenever he had the chance.

Just because he can - Sadie and the gato

I have always said that I prefer to live life on the sunny side but it’s been a little difficult of late. I am sure though one day without even realizing it the sun will be a little brighter, the sky a little bluer and when I remember Sadie I will smile broadly.

The lovely Sadie

My darling girl.