Friday, March 13, 2009

A Fashionable Tour Downtown

Ooooops, I am so sorry I accidently linked to Fahionable Friday and wasn't even ready so I am listed twice. So much for being tech savvy, NOT! Here is my fashionable post.

I spent a few days downtown recently and found this beautiful treasure of a shop.

Most everything in it is from Japan. The shopkeeper, Taka, was so much fun to talk with and I am sure you will find a few fashionable items to take home with you. Thanks Fifi for a Fashionable Friday !

Ohayou gozaimasu from San Diego! Ogenki desuka?

Good morning from San Diego! How are you? Here are a few lovely items for you to gaze at.

I thought these little flowers on the branch were a lovely idea!

A view looking out to the street

Are these daffodils? Not sure but they were beautiful.

Here's a friend who dazzled the shopkeeper Taka with his Japanese language skills! We both spent some time in Roppongi a district in Tokyo though not at the same time; we met much later in Hawaii. My Japanese unfortunately is dismal but what a great city! I didn't have any trouble finding my way around Tokyo.

sweet little birds

Hope you enjoyed your little visit. Enjoy your Fashionable Friday.



  1. I love the tour... I sooooo want to go shopping NOW! ENJOY your day! Fifi

  2. Hi there!
    R U from SD? So am I! I found you at Fifi Flowers...I live on the coast in South Oceanside.

  3. What a lovely ocean breeze to visit with you! You know, I was born and raised in L.A. and visited SD much during the summers. We would drive into Tijuana back in the early 60s when it was a little more decent. You have lovely things, Bonnie! Thanks for stopping in! Anita

  4. Hey Bon!

    Great shop! Loved the tree branch with the hanging flowers and birds! What caught my eye was the photo with your friend Randy . . . um, I was referring to those beautiful and wildly colored square glass plates (platters?) on the bottom shelf on the right of the photo.

  5. Thanks so much for the tour. Lovely shop.