Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A few kitchen tips from moi!

Yes, I actually do enjoy spending time in my little galley kitchen cooking or baking up a storm. On of my favorite things to make and enjoy is chicken soup. Even Sadie the doggie loves it. I do chicken soup many different ways but the easiest no frills way involves a box of wild rice. Here comes the tip #1 - the seasoning packet from the box of wild rice (Uncle Ben's, etc.) makes for the tastiest chicken soup ever. You don't need any additional seasoning that little packet will do it all for you! Just follow the directions on the box and add to your pot of soup. I guess you could say this discovery was a happy accident!

Tip #2 - when making pancakes or waffles I always add flavored coffee creamer to the batter instead of plain milk. It makes for a tastier pancake and my fave flavor is hazelnut biscotti but any flavor will make for a delightful enhancement to your recipe.

And here's a really BIG Tip #3 which I discovered while surfing online. I was so shocked that I had to make sure for myself and darn it, why is it after 30 or so years in the kitchen I never knew this! Here's the scenerio....you're wrapping up leftovers and you get out your aluminum foil and as you pull at the foil it jumps out of the box! Right??? Well do yourself a favor the next time and look at both ends of the box. Notice anything? Right in front of your eyes, is a locking device! Just press the tabs inward and your roll of foil will behave itself the next time you need to use it. Yes! So what I'd like to know is just how long has that little device been there?

That's all for now my lovelies.

Ciao Bella

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