Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shameless Plug Sunday - Part 5

It's Fresh and Exciting! Isn't that the name of a song by Kool and the Gang? Oooops, I may be showing my age. That song is from the deep dark 80s home to big hair and even bigger shoulder pads!

Anyway, it also describes this week's Shameless Plug Sunday! I was at Costco recently and they were passing out Del Monte's Fruit Naturals. I don't mean one or two slices of the cut up grapefruit, I mean the whole container full, all 8ozs of it and you know what, it was refreshing! I liked it so much I went back to pick up another one this time wearing a fake moustache! Well, I ended up putting a case full in my basket so I didn't have to embarass myself anymore! Besides I was running out of disguises.

A plus for me is that since I can't find my grapefruit spoons, don't know what happened to 'em, this product works out pretty well since it's already sectioned for you. As the saying goes, try it, you'll like it!


  1. I hear you about the disguises, unlike you, i continue to embarass myself and the employees i'm sure is she comes again :D oh well that's why we go there hungry right!i always have a free lunch at costco and sams. have a great week.

  2. Hi Bonnie!! I so agree with you on your Shameless Plug Sunday!! We must have similar taste in food! These are good...but my fav is your last Sunday...yuuumm! I have spells where I live on the eggplant parmesan! It's really good and easy when it's just me and I don't want to cook...which is most of the time!!I hope you are having a good week...Debbie