Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sadie in the Hood: is it Halloween yet?

Halloween is almost here, trick or treaters! Sadie and I thought we'd share what's happening in the Hood for Halloween.

Here we go...

A little neighborhood ghostie!

A plethora of little ghosties

The crack in the pavement is enough to scare me!

This looks to be a new kitty to the neighborhood and didn't take too kindly to Sadie!

Icky pooey pooh, I hate insects but these don't look tooooo scary!

Our neighbor Wolfie enjoying the breakfast of champions - a can of beer!

You all know Jack don't you?

These folks do "cute" Halloween

This is the only witch I found in the Hood!

Hey! There's still time to catch "The Foot of the Mummy!"

Well, another fun Sunday in the Hood comes to a close.

Sadie and I wish you the bestest, funnest, and safest Halloween.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Return of TV Diva!

This past Saturday I visited the Friends of the Library book sale at the University Heights library.

Lot's of books to choose from at the book sale

On my way out, I happened to glance in a bin and saw a paperback titled V, The Second Generation. It is a new novel written by Kenneth Johnson the creator of V, a really popular miniseries back in the 80s. Do you remember?

I’m only on page 62 of the book and it starts out like an amusement park thrill ride. The Visitors have been visiting for a very long time now, over twenty years. Lakes and oceans have been drained dry; children are indoctrinated early on by means of weekly Monday morning videos at school called The Visitor Way; scientists and their families have been rounded up; anyone opposing the Visitors mysteriously vanish; and heroically out there, is a determined band of human and sympathetic Visitor Resistance fighters who battle for our freedom.

Back in the deep dark 80s, the hotel company I worked for sent us on a fam (familiarization) trip to the Big Island. While we were all thrilled to go it just so happened to be over the climactic ending of V, the miniseries, where the young human girl gives birth to half human, half alien twins. We just couldn’t miss THAT! So that evening, a bunch of us got together in a room to watch the show. Food and drinks were flowing as we watched and when the babies were born *the alien looking baby crawled out* we all screamed and potato chips were flying! It was fun and gross at the same time and just added another dimension to our fun trip.

V miniseries from the 80s

So, I was thrilled to discover the new book and to know that V is a new series on ABC beginning on Tuesday night, November 3rd. Check your local listings! I wonder if there are going to be V parties?

The new 2009 V

Happy viewing!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

One of those days

Today was one of those days that are overcast with a slight chill in the air. So after dutifully walking with Sadie this morning, and doing a little grocery shopping to stock the cupboards, I decided today would most definitely be a day of goofing off and TV watching. This photo of Sadie should give you some idea of how we feel today...

So after feeding Sadie her breakfast which turned out to be more like brunch, I made myself a little something, something, got a pot of coffee going and then loaded up a little tray and went into the bedroom to watch TV in bed and have breakfast in bed.

This morning's TV fest started out with repeats of Monk and Psych. I love both shows and am sad that this is Monk's last season. I could have gone for at least one more. You know Psych takes place in Santa Barbara a city I think I would be totally happy living in. I was there for my niece's wedding where I unfortunately received a parking ticket. However, I happily paid the ticket once I got home and attached a little yellow sticky note that told them how much I enjoyed their fair city!

Then Sadie and I caught a mini marathon of the Rachel Zoe Project - oh boy! I find her fascinating and am learning through her as she grows her business. Sometimes, though, the drama gets in the way and it gets a little ridiculous. BUT I enjoyed the episode where Rachel goes to Paris for Fashion Week. While in Paris, Rachel was ensconced at the Four Seasons George V Paris. The hotel's website describes itself this way... Welcome to Four Seasons Hotel George V Paris. Steps from the Champs-Elysées, with private terraces that command all Paris; 17th-century tapestries, lovingly restored; and a spirit that lives on in thoroughly reborn, highly advanced spaces, Four Seasons George V Paris redefines luxury service in the City of Light.

Rachel and her husband Rodger

At fashion week, we caught glimpses of Christian La Croix, Stella McCartney, John Galliano, Ungaro, Louis Vuitton and Rachel's all time favorite, Chanel. She was so excited to see Karl Lagerfeld she nearly hurled (no exaggeration). Rachel was invited to view Coco Chanel's Paris apartment which is exactly as it was when the great Coco passed away in 1971. She sat on Coco's suede couch (unusual for its time) and saw the beautiful chandelier with the interlocking C's and the number 5. Interspersed between all is this fashion was life on the streets of Paris.

Coco's chandelier
Coco's couch

As for the rest of the day, it is shaping up to be a beautiful SoCal kind of day. I think Sadie and I will sit outside and get a little sun and maybe read a little. I love these kinds of days!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Fun Weekend Pastime

There's nothing like a great yard sale and I think I pretty much scored on Saturday.

On our morning walk, Sadie and I came across what seemed like a million yard sales. Found these three items at the same place and loved to woman I was talking with. That's part of what makes these things fun is the chatting and getting to know people.

And this is what I found...

Two framed prints (I'm thinking of maybe switching out the frames) at 2 for $5.


A cute garden themed picture frame for $2 - down from $4 - another fun thing about yard sales!

Don't forget a little bargaining never hurts and it's almost expected unless it's at an already fabulous price.

Sadie and I wish you a fab day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Me Twittering Again - NOT

Once again if I did use Twitter this is what I would be TWEETING today:

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Happy Tweeting!