Sunday, March 20, 2011

Batten down the hattches

Funny, no one mentioned how windy it was going to be today. The windows and doors are rattling but when my heavy wind chime starts ringing, you know it's windy.

My gorgeous wind chime that was a Christmas gift a few years back. It takes a strong wind to get it to chime.

Here's one that was a gift from my aunt from a trip to Sea World probably back in 2001.

This one is a Japanese wind chime that was a gift that I brought with me from Hawaii. The original tag with Japanese writing unfortunately got quite tattered and I replaced it with one that says All You Need is Love.

We've spent a lazy day watching some TV...a marathon Harry Potter weekend...and tonite I'm looking forward to The Amazing Race and The Celebrity Apprentice...and don't forget tomorrow night is the return of Dancing With the Stars!

The wind has unnverved my usually unflapable kitty. He has spent the entire day in the house venturing out just a few times only to come racing back in when a big gust blows.

Sadie and Kitty just chilling in bed as it storms outside. We expect some rain tonite with the bulk of it coming tomorrow morning. It promises to make the morning commute a bit dicey tomorrow.

Nothing like making a pest of one's self!

I spent some time making oatmeal cookies! The aroma from the oven was heavenly! I didn't use as much sugar as it called for but I did add some chocolate chips. Does that mean I just cancelled out using less sugar? If you haven't tried the recipe on the Quaker Oats box you should, it really is a no fail recipe.

A little too close for comfort! Not to worry Kitty isn't into oatmeal cookies!

How do you like Kitty's collar? I have had trying times with him and his assorted collars. He has a habit of losing them. I can't figure out how they turn up lost but I may have found a solution and it's called Beastie Bands. They are soft, squishy, and seem comfortable for Kitty. They have a velcro closure and you can cut them to size to fit your cat. So far so good

Beastie Bands come in all colors and prints and because Kitty is very politically minded, I knew he'd appreciate the peace collar. He's also a hit at parties because we, quite by accident, found out that the collar glows in the dark.

Thought you might like to get a glimpse of the latest addition to my tea pot collection. Actually, I got this quite some time ago but never got around to making the reveal. It's from Goodwill and was only $3. It's a peach all right!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday wherever you are AND stay dry!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

This is the third year that my friend Ed has invited me to the bridal show at the US Grant where he works in catering. I have to say that although I missed it last year, this has to be the "funnest" bridal show ever. Thought I would share a few pics with you.

Here's a dramatic evening shot of the historic U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego.

Here comes the bride!

Here's one with an interesting little bustle. A lot of the dresses seemed more like lingerie

Suddenly, a flapper made an appearance!

I think this was my favorite as it seemed 20's inspired. I loved the headpiece for the veil.

Taking a cue from Madonna, a somewhat see-through bustier.

I thought this was elegant

For some strange reason this dress reminds me of Taylor Swift

The food samples were, as a friend of mine likes to say, to die for!
These were the best cupcakes I have tried in a long time.

This display of chocolates belongs to my friend Maria. At a cost of $6 per person you get a tantalizing spread of all things chocolate.


This was my lunch! A fabulous portobello mushroom slider with french fries that were drizzled with truffle oil. I can't begin to tell you how delicious this was!

A gourmet mac and cheese station but I have to tell you that it doesn't matter if Wolfgang Puck made it, the best mac and cheese is Kraft's Macaroni and Cheese in the blue and yellow box!

A few wedding cakes to drool over!

I believe this cake is in honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Did you get your invitation yet?

There were tons of gorgeous floral arrangements

I enjoyed this "lovely as springtime" table setting

I fell in love with the napkin ring

Place setting bling

I think this really was my favorite table setting

Especially the parrot
Gorgeous colors

Did you enjoy your little trip down the aisle?

The fashion show played a lot of 60's British music like the Beatles, the Stones, Spencer Davis Group, etc. It got me thinking to what kind of music I would like for my reception...were I to get married! I came up with my short list and I hope you have been enjoying it. I think the operative word for me would be FUN. What would be on your playlist?