Sunday, March 1, 2009

Junkin' and Jivin' Part Deux

Alright, take a good look at this picture and tell me if I didn't get a good deal for $17.50? I don't know how but I have been coming across some really good deals and steals lately! Let's break it down shall we??? (Pls click to enlarge photo). First of all the bench was only $2, sacre bleu! I'm still dizzy from that one! The large painting was $4 bought by an American student in France, next to it is a mousepad of Butte Montmartre for .50. Then a set of 4 handblown...never used...martini glasses for $5 - yes, somebody please pick me up! A small framed picture for $3 and a larger framed 60's original painting by a Korean artist also for $3. I do have a lovely frame that I'll be switching out with the flower painting. Yes, well I think this should do me for awhile!
Ciao Bella


  1. Hey Bon!

    How fascinating that you found both the large painting of Sacre Coeur and a mousepad of the hill upon which it sits! C'est magnifique! Your junkin' skills are tops!

  2. MY, my, my! Great deals! I love finding original art! I'd use those great glasses for margaritas!

    The Texas Woman