Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ice cream n cake n cake

I am writing today because of that cute Baskin & Robbins commercial. You know the cream n cake n cake, ice cream n cake n cake. That's the one, the one that keeps playing on and on! Anyway did you know there's a dance-off sponsored by Baskin & Robbins. Here's the info and some videos.

The party ain't live without ice cream n cake

Pause, step up, ice cream n cake

Stop, hold up, tag team!

Ride wit ya boyz, now slip n slide

Now who dat is wit the ice cream n cake

I know what you're saying, if it wasn't in my head before it is now!

I want me some ice cream n cake!


  1. Oh now, being a former dancer and young at heart, I want to know how to do that!!! I love it! Now for sure, I feel like some ice cream and cake, like when I lived in California; it has to be really hot outside like it usually is, the ice cream has to be melted and with my mom's homemade chocolate cake....that was too fun Bonnie!! How are ya' woman? I can't wait to see you in your newest designer gown on Saturday! Give that Sadie girl a squeeze for me! Anita

  2. LoL! Bonnie, this was a hoooooot! I actually got up and tried dancing,er... until I tripped over my coffee table. Had to make up for it by grabbing me a bowl of ben n jerry's. It was the closest thing to baskins' that I had....STOP! HOLD UP! TAG TEAM..... ;0)