Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flora, Fauna, Bonnie & Sadie

Hello, here are more adventures in the Hood this time featuring a bit of color...
A very sweet lil ol' lady lives here and tends her garden.

A little flora mixed with fauna

I swear the Addams family does not live here despite the fact that there are gargoyles on all four corners of the roof!

That cactus looks a little ominous in such a tranquil setting doesn't it?

Same house, more cactus on the sidewalk.

Such a pretty color!

Look what I found!

Looks yummy!

Yes, you are in California right now not Arizona!

Every garden could use this beautiful color in it.

Again, we are in California not the English countryside. I've always admired ivy covered houses but always wonder about bugs.

Hope you enjoyed your tour of Gardens of the Hood!

Next outing will include shops in the Hood!


  1. OMG Bonnie! Oh this is so marvelous, it feels like a reunion for La Diva! I am so excited that you are excited about the play! You are awesome and so sweet! I adore your pics of the hood...very charming. But where is your darling little house! Let's see!! How is Miss Sadie? I just love your music. Bring it on!!!!!!! Anita

  2. I love fig vine (is that fig vine?) as a covering for walls. We used to have it growing up the stucco of a house we had over 15 years ago. I enjoyed the stroll in the hood, and I appreciate the fact that you strolled over and visited me in the process of blogging today!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hi Bonnie! I am enjoying strolling through your neighborhood...such interesting houses! I especially love the vine-covered house! Ever since reading Madeleine as a little girl, I have wanted an old house in Paris all covered with vines! lol Beautiufl flowers, but I'm not used to seeing cactus. Interesting! Enjoy the rest of your week!...hugs...Debbie