Saturday, August 29, 2009

Act III of Goodnight Sweet Prince

Darlings! So glad you could join with us for ACT III of Goodnight Sweet Prince!

Isn't Paris wonderful! Whatever you call Paris, the City of Lights, the City of Love...the City, excuse me....Gina is that you???

Looks like Gina is a little preeeee-occupied so we'd best hurry back to the theatre!

Oh, we're just in time, the curtain is rising!

act 3

Our darling celebrating last season's La Diva!

Did you enjoy meeting Anita and viewing Act III? She is tres delightful isn't she? And so imaginative, oui?

Remember you have a chance to use your creative talents to determine the outcome of Act IV of Goodnight Sweet Prince. Simply follow the instructions at Castles Crowns and Cottages. I wish you bonne chance!

I enjoyed being out and about with all of you tonight. By the way, did you just adore my little vintage 50's frock from Posh Girl?

My equally vintage YSL pumps. Oh, Yves, how I loved you so!

A little bling of a clutch!

For my hair tonight, I channeled the fabulous Coco herself!

And a touch of Chanel red!

I look forward to seeing you again next Saturday, September 5th to review the entries and vote for the winner of Act IV. The following Saturday, September 12 at the stroke of midnight, the votes will be counted and the winner of Act IV of Goodnight Sweet Prince will be revealed!

For now then, I will say Bonne Nuit to the City of Lights!



  1. Oh Bonnie! How delightful! Thanks for the shoutout, and putting me in the arms of a swarthy Frenchman even! Ohhaaa-hoh!. LoL. Your vintage frock was De-vooooom! I enjoyed our evening out at the theatre! Thanks again for inviting me into the virtual doorway of your very talented friend Anita! Isn't she spell-binding? I wish now that I had taken French in school!!! Well, M'dear, it's time for me to retire my flapper dress. I'm so glad to have hung out with you in Paris. Where shall we go next??? LoL! Bonne nuit!

  2. BONNIE DARLING! I was out all day and night with my boundless energy husband and I am now getting to see your response! YOU, YOU are the one with the talent! First of all, your dress, OMG....I want that dress! It is all me...the clutch, the shoes, and yes, what would we do without the likes of Ives and Coco....what icons and models of chic! O.K., you have such style and grace yourself! How you put your posts together to help me out is so magical in itself, Bonnie! I love it, it has a "review" style that is professional. I am so glad that you were able to come and to bring GINA ALONG! Hey, I went on to her blog and she also gave me accolades! I wanted so badly to leave a comment, but I noticed that there is no place to make I missing something? Can you reach her and let her know that I want to comment to her?

    Did you enjoy your dinner on the terrace? Did you and Gina get a chance to take in all the sights? Well, it looks like Gina found another friend for the evening by the Eiffel Tower! OH, how I just love this virtual world; you can create such fun and thanks to you dear, it is even more fun. Have a beautiful day, Anita

  3. Hi there-what a fun post and those YSL sandals are just divine!!