Saturday, August 15, 2009

Goodnight Sweet Prince - A Night at the Theatre!

Bonsoir my lovelies!

I enjoyed a fabulous virtual evening tonight at the premiere of my dear friend Anita's latest play Goodnight Sweet Prince at Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères. No need to Mapquest the address as it is located at Castles Crowns & Cottages. The play is about a famous Parisian couturier and his unusual assistant Monsieur Balzak.

Scruffy little shop assistant, M. Balzak - be sure to thank him on the way out or you may be missing a shoe!


The lovely Anita is a very talented playwright and Act I of her lively and lighthearted play made its debut tonight amidst champagne toasts and a chorus of Bravo!

Anita accepting last season's accolades of La Diva!

I decided to dress to the nines in Chanel. Here is the vintage Coco Chanel I wore as seen on the lovely Audrey Hepburn. I also wore several layers of pearls which were de rigueur with Mme. Chanel

The lovely Audrey Hepburn

I wore these beautiful Chanel shoes but confess to wearing them around the house first to practice as they are rather high!

And would any day or evening be complete without a splash of No. 5!

As with La Diva, Goodnight Sweet Prince is an interactive play which means you get to complete the last act of the play. Just follow along for the next few Saturdays as each act is unveiled and you can enter the contest to complete the story! Sound like fun? Visit with Anita at Le Petit Théâtre de Chimères and in the meantime....

Cheers to Anita and a fabulous opening night!

À votre santé!


  1. THAT WAS AWESOME GIRL! Oh this is too fun! I am having so much fun making friends like you who love to create, laugh, dress well, dream and love! I thank you so much, Bonnie dearest. You are truly talented as well and I look forward to more of your work coming forward! M. Balzac has his eye on that gorgeous shoe of yours...he says, "Hey! What can she doe with just one shoe...I might as well snatch it!" Love and hugs, Anita

  2. Hi there-what a lovely post and thanks so much for stopping by too!