Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ballad of Reggie, Roxie and Kitty

As with most cats, my kitty, Kitty, has a habit of bringing things home. I've (almost) gotten used to geckos, mice, assorted insects, even a baby possum. I tell myself it's because he loves me. So imagine my surprise when he started bringing home other cats not once but twice!

My guy, Kitty

A little bit about Kitty...he adopted me when I moved into the neighborhood. It's not like he didn't already have a home, he lived across the street. I had the back door open one day and he just sauntered in like he owned the place. Basically, he walked into my life and never left and it's been about eight years.

Guide to living the good life -
Yeah baby, make mine a mojito!
I think it's obvious that I was a person of interest and Kitty had been stalking me. It was also my birthday so I thought it might be some kind of good omen or something. Over the years Kitty has placed many a dead bird at my feet to convince me of his love and affection.

But imagine my surprise when he started bringing home other cats! I guess he thought he was living the good life and maybe others would like living with us as well. First there was Reggie.

Halt! Who goes there - Reggie on the left Kitty on the right.

Sir Reggie taking his leave from the Kit Kat Klub

This little cutout door was known as the milk door. Back in the Stone Age there used to be a creature we all knew as the Milk Man. He would show up at the crack of dawn and leave your order on your door steps. In this case he would store the goods in a comparment built in on either side of the milk door.

The first time Reggie came over he showed no signs of leaving so I called the number on his collar. Surprise, the owner lived across the alleyway from me and she had just gotten Reggie from the animal shelter. She was sure he would go back home at dinner time and he did.

A few days later Kitty brought Roxie over. I thought she would go home at the end of the day as well but she didn't. She was still with us late in the evening in the patio so I let her come in and she snuggled in bed for the night.

The Lady Roxie

The next day I called the number on Roxie's collar which turned out to be the same person I called about Reggie. She said she had just gotten Roxie as a companion for Reggie. When she showed up to collect Roxie she said Reggie was heartbroken and was moping about the house.

Kitty and Roxie
For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Since then my neighbor has had both Reggie and Roxie in lockdown! I have seen them off and on standing in their doorway behind the screen door. I'm sure they would love to come out but for now they are indoor cats.

I would prefer Kitty were an indoor cat as well but it's impossible. He has gotten into numerous fights and we've had many expensive trips to the vet. The vet suggested that I let him stay outdoors during the day and keep him indoors at night as this is when most kitty turf wars happen. So far so good!

A most charismatic cat!

You may be interested to know that Kitty does have a nemesis. He lives in the condo across the street. I don't know the cat's real name but we call him Lex Luthor. More on Lex another time!



  1. The word is at Kitty's. Who's bringing the catnip?

  2. OMG that is wayyyyyyy too cute! What an intelligent cat; he knows what's good and decided to tell the whole lot of them where they could find some love, food, food and more food!!! How are ya Bonnie? Get your tulle and fur and pearls and come on down to the theatre...cats are accepted as well! Put a diamond collar around their necks and they'll be ready! Fondly, Anita

  3. Oh Bonnie! How lovely of you to come early! The show was a smash hit! M. Balzac is a charmer; ever since I went to Paris and encountered a real fox terrier that belonged to a real courturier on that very street, I knew I would have to write something about him one day! I am working on the second act now!!! Thanks for supporting me and my "follies"! Anita

  4. Hi Bonnie! This is sooo cute! My kitties have also brought me an assortment of creatures, including a baby woodpecker which we raised to adulthood and released! But....never a kitty!! What an interesting little guy, your Kitty. You know I have one named Kitty, too. She wasn't going to stay, so we didin't give her a name. That was 9 years ago! lol Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie