Thursday, May 7, 2009

Travels with Bonnie

OK, so I was chatting with a friend about her photography club meeting the other night and one of the members brought with him pictures and video of a recent trip to Japan complete with a script and music. It reminded me of my trip to Japan in the deep dark 70s so I thought I would share a funny story with you.

My cousin and I went out clubbing one night, just a little something we did pretty frequently in Tokyo! This particular night we started in Shinjuku at our regular club called Get! (includes the exclamation point). Then we met up with some friends and moved on to another hangout in Tokyo and then to another closer to home in Akasaka. Wherever we were, because frankly I can't remember, my cousin and I ended up walking home in the rain at 5 IN THE MORNING! I remember being in the middle of the street holding an umbrella, a pink bubble umbrella, singing Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head. Oh, boy, it was the calm before the storm. We strolled into the 7th floor condo and all hell broke loose as you can imagine! PS - I think I forgot to mention that we were only 18!

Let me first introduce you to my Uncle Peter, a calm, reserved, super intelligent guy and my Aunt Eloise, a short (barely 5 ft), fabulous woman who could at times turn into a bit of a screaming mimi, whose voice when excited can only be heard by dogs! I'll make this very painful story very short....we were grounded but not before my aunt and uncle got into it. It started innocently enough when my uncle said....oh, Eloise, Tokyo is the safest city in the world. Wrong, wrong, wrong thing to say, it only served to get my aunt wound up again. For being such a smart guy, to this day it confuses me why he egged it on when it appeared everything was wrapped up! Let sleeping dogs lie, uncle!

Enjoy some pictures of a very exciting and invigorating city, Tokyo by clicking on the link below courtesy of

Tokyo and Japan pictures - PhotoPassJapan

OMIG, I have so many fun stories about my most memorable summer in Japan. I'll follow up with more I only wish I had some pictures to share with you. Unfortunately, I don't have any but I do refer quite frequently to the slide show that plays in my head! I have a lot of wonderful memories of really one of the best experiences of my life.


  1. Hey Bonnie!!! I was in Japan in 1979. I was a professional dancer and did a tour of Asia, and spent 2 lovely weeks in Japan (Tokyo and surrounding areas). I could tell you a few stories myself. I was only 19 and well, you know. You are still on my list of crafts to do! Unfortunately, my masters program is demanding more out of me that I bargained for and my classroom duties are many. But, you are still in my heart and mind. The book is sitting in my bedroom waiting for embellishments!

    Take care, Anita

  2. funny, Bonnie! It sounds like you had a great time! I have never been to Janpan. Did you go to Kyoto? I want to see the gardens there. Have a great weekend...Debbie