Monday, May 25, 2009

Lost in Austen Goodie Box

So remember the goodie box I mentioned in my last post? My wonderful mailman came back to find me with the box. I looked to see who it was from and it was my friend Heidi sending me a surprise package from back home that included a DVD and a few delectable snacks!

We had talked about a movie Lost in Austen which is another fanciful take on Pride and Prejudice. It had been on my PBS station but Heidi did not think it was shown on her local station. She happened to find a DVD of it and loved it and sent over because I had only seen a snippet of the four part series which goes something like this....

Modern girl Amanda Price, who finds her life lacking in the romance department, can almost always be found with her nose buried in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Imagine her surprise when she finds one Miss Elizabeth Bennet in her bathroom. Elizabeth begins to explain that she has arrived through a portal in the Bennet attic that opens up to Amanda's bathroom. A dumbfounded Amanda begins to tell Elizabeth that time travel is one thing but time travel with a fictional character, well it's impossible! And thus the adventure begins.

Seriously, what proper take off on Pride and Prejudice would not include a scene of Darcy at the lake. This Mr. Darcy is no Colin Firth but he is no slouch either! Brilliant!

This film is 3 hours long so be sure you make time for it and get all your snacks together. It's a fun spoof on P&P where once Amanda makes her appearance in the Bennet household the story we all know and love begins to unravel. Will Amanda be able to keep the celebrated romance of Elizabeth and Darcy on track? And what of Elizabeth Bennet in modern day London? You will have to rent the DVD to find out! But don't worry it does has a happy ending!


  1. Hey Bonnie! Sounds like a great movie! I ADORE JANE AUSTEN! Are you a movie buff? We are! Come ----- or high water, we always watch a movie at night with tea, snacks and a cozy heart! I hope you had a great day! Anita

  2. Hi Bon!
    Glad you enjoyed Lost in Austen! May I just saya big thank you for your recent post on The Jane Austen Club?! I bought the DVD soon after it was released (a while back) and was nonplussed when I first viewed it. I was bothered by Prudie's dalliance with her student - seemingly ripped from recent headlines - and this overshadowed the rest of the movie for me. Now that I've watched it again with a fresh perspective and with more attention to detail (I mean, come on, if Bonnie loved it, it's got to be good, right??!), I understand what drove her actions and realize I was mistaken in what I assumed may have happened. This allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the rest of the storylines within the movie and it will definitely stay part of my own chick flick library. Thanks, Bonnie!
    See ya,

  3. This reminds me of a book I read about a girl that worked in a bookstore and goes on a PP book tour to England and runs into Mr Darcy... can't remember name of the book.

  4. Hello sweet Bonnie! Thanks for visiting! I am winding down from school for the moment and I just wanted to start in on the crafty projects! I also have your book on my table and have added more embellishments! I am so excited for your writing endeavors; keep me posted on the latest developments and articles! Ciao, Anita

  5. Ooooooh! I will have to check this one out! Thanks!...Debbie