Friday, May 8, 2009

Come on and Marry Me Bill...

...I got the wedding bell blues! Remember that song by the Fifth Dimension? Oh, you thought I was getting...well, not today!

My friend Cheri and I recently went to a wedding showcase put together by a friend of ours, let's call him Ed (cuz that's his real name!). It was held at the beautiful, the historic, the luxurious U.S. Grant in downtown San Diego and this is what we found...

Yummy! Now this is a great way to start things off!
Our lovely pretend bride-to-be

OOOh, AAAAh, Faaaabulous Darling!

A Mardi Gras theme and a tablecloth of real daisies!

One of the many vendors who attended

A tres chic chandelier

Ed and everyone involved did a wonderful job. Lots of vendors to chat with, spray tan anyone? A Brazillian??? Fabulous nibbles and drinks.

Hope you enjoyed my Fashionable post and be sure to visit Fifi's Fashionable Friday, to enjoy much, much more! Have a fabulous weekend and Happy Mother's Day to my special mom and all the moms out there!


  1. Hi Bonnie-
    What a nice treat...I luv going to bridal shows! Isn't the US Grant amazing??? Especially after it's been renovated. J'adore the colors of the interior. Take care!

  2. Looks like a good show... FAB and FASHIOHABLE brides!!!

  3. How utterly cool and chic! Ah...San Diego and fun with the sisterhood; couldn't ask for a better way to spend some time! Take care beautiful Bonnie! Anita

  4. That daisy tablecloth is 2die4! I think I'll pass on the brazillian...I've still got the weed whacker out!