Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bonnie Goes Green

So, I know Earth Day/Week is officially behind us now but isn't being green a daily thing?

Have you ever watched Living with Ed? It was originally on HGTV and is now on Planet Green. This reality show (yes, yet another one!) features Ed Begley who comes across as a kooky yet loveable environmentalist and his long suffering wife Rachelle.

Ed featured on the PBS series Edens Lost & Found

A clip from Living with Ed

My favorite episode is when the couple gets ready for the Oscars. Ed stands outside their bathroom door dressed in a tux as he times Rachelle who is getting ready and is presently blowdrying her hair. Let me tell you something, if that were me, the stopwatch would be toast!

Did you know that there are times when eating organically makes great sense and then again doesn't? Considering organic food is a little more expensive, I think you will find the following illuminating.

Foods that don't need to be organic

Twelve foods to buy organic

Do you recycle? Let's just say that I've been a little passive to nearly negligible about it. Yes, I do have energy efficient light bulbs, I always pull the plugs out of appliances when I'm not using them, i.e. the toaster oven, I toss paper, cardboard, plastics etc. in the recycle bin on trash day. I know there's a lot more I could do and I'm getting there.

So what I've done in the past is to save my soda cans (I know bad habit) and water bottles and hang them over the back yard fence for people that come looking for them. It made me feel good, I was recycling and helping someone out at the same time. Well, now that money is a little tight lately I have been going to the recycling center myself and getting a little extra cash...which unfortunately goes right back to feed my soda habit! A vicious cycle! The folks waiting in line with me were helpful as to what I needed to do and I spent about 15 minutes waiting and chatting with the regulars. I don't know, I left there a little stinky but feeling good about it and immediately went into Vons and got myself some Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla soda! Ahhhh!

Hope you are doing your best to go green. Baby steps is probably best. I used to have a vegetable garden which I may start up again. A compost bin may also be in the near future, who knows!


  1. Good morning my darling blue bird! Thank you for coming to tea! We shall meet up for iced tea in the garden when our temps spike a bit, but for now, we must keep confined to the inside, by the fire! I love your words on being green. It is so much better for us and really, the way we were meant to live. My classroom and our whole school is on a recycling transformation. Our kids are the new generation and I hope that make the changes necessary to keep our world the beautiful jewel that it is!

    Keep well dearest, Anita

  2. He really practices what he preaches!

  3. Thanks so much for passing by my blog and leaving me a comment. Truly appreciated!

    It's funny as I was reading your blog MY HUSBAND is also obsessed with John & Kate plus 8 I don't get it but he loves them!

    I will have to tell him about the mag!