Monday, May 25, 2009

A series of unfortunate events

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you are all enjoying some great weather at your backyard BBQs and picnic outings today!

I have been plagued with computer problems this weekend that took me from my local confines of San Diego to the Philippines and India via the phone. Somehow it doesn't seem very patriotic to have your business outsourced in foreign countries considering our current economic climate BUT never mind! My local internet provider said everything looked fine and there was nothing more he could do so sent me to Microsoft who also could do nothing for me and she sent me to Gateway. By the time I got to Gateway I was in tears. After being on the phone for what seemed like hours, I finally told the woman forget it, I'm going to call my friend (which is what I should have done in the first place). She had the nerve to tell me he wouldn't be able to help me! So Harry to the rescue. It took Harry twenty minutes to get to my house and five minutes on my computer and all is now well. Can I just say...nanny, nanny, boo, boo!

The following day there was someone rapping at my front door. It turns out to be the yardman from next door telling me I need to get over to my neighbor's house. A little background: My neighbor Margie no longer occupies her home. About five years ago, and she fought this tooth and nail, had to go to assisted living and later moved in with her niece. She was a frail 83 at the time and I only just learned Margie passed away three years ago. So back to the yardman, Tran, who told me I needed to see something. He led me to Margie's back door and I was shocked to see the door in a shambles. At first we thought maybe someone had broken in but then decided, based on the condition of the door, it just gave out and partially collasped. Take a look.

Yes, I know, quite shocking.

I called the police and Tran called Margie's family. Three officers arrived and when they saw the condition of the house on the inside were shocked. I knew Margie was a hoarder unable to throw things away but the sight of it was most amazing. So one officer got out gloves and a mask and entered the house to ensure there was no one in there. Margie's family was advised to clean out the house as it was a health hazard and a danger. The nephew explained that Margie was a Depression Era baby and could not throw anything away. I had to giggle because to Margie's consternation, she could never get her cat Tinker to be an indoor cat! Now I know why, there was absolutely no room in the house for Tinker to kick his shoes off!

The sight of police cars naturally brought out the other neighbors mainly Juliette and Yvette two elderly sisters who live on the other side of Margie. Although they knew the house was unoccupied they also did not know that Margie had past away. A friend of the sisters, who turned out to be an off duty policeman, also joined in the frey. Then our mailman strolled by doled out our mail and chatted a little, then told me he would be back as he had a box for me. As all this is taking place I realized how much I like living in my neighborhood. It may be 2009 but there is still something old school and mom, pop and apple pie about it.

Margie, I miss you. The house was built by her father in the 20s and had a little turtle pond and cattery. Margie used to tell me stories of how she and her sister would ride their ponies as our area at one time was agricultural. Margie became quite stooped over the years but behind that frail body was a pair of bright blue eyes that let you know her mind that was still sharp as a tack.


  1. Just think of the treasures waiting in there to be saved!

    The Texas Woman

  2. I hope the family doesn't just throw it all out..I know there's a lot of treasures. I wonder what kind of condition the house fixtures are in. You need to check it out.

  3. Oh, Bonnie! how sad! I have made my daughter promise to box up my stuff and wait 20 years before she throws it out! lol By then she may see its value!! Right now it's all about Pottery Barn and Kirklands! Happy Sunday!...Debbie