Sunday, September 19, 2010

Went out to dinner for my rockin' BIRTHDAY on Thursday night. Yes, another year older my friends. Remember in the 60s people used to say, don't trust anyone over 40, well I threw that one out the window many years ago!

So out to dinner to celebrate the ol' birthday to a real Indian restaurant,
Gourmet India. Can you believe I have never been to an authentic Indian restaurant? I have never had samosa or even naan. I enjoyed the food immensely with some Taj Mahal beer but I really couldn't tell you what we ate except that we did eat family style and I know we had chicken tikka masala, tandoori chicken and samosa for sure. I did enjoy what seemed like creamed spinach with chunks of cheese and something the waiter called "vege balls," I found that amusing and it actually tasted great!

This is the honest truth of how much we enjoyed our meal!

Back to the condo for some birthday cake, a German chocolate cake that sent me into sugar overload...

...and a present! Five beautifully handmade and scented bars of soap. They are wonderful and from a shop called Clarity Soap & Candles which is not far from me in South Park. Visit the link and you'll find some cute and interesting shops in the area. You'll remember Rebecca's, I took you there last year for a latte and muffin.

And just in time for my birthday, you'll never believe this, I won a contest thrown by Barb at The French Elements.

The prize package included four Chanel products, an eye shadow brush, mascara guaranteed to give intense volume and curl, a wonderful facial cleanser and exfoliating gel so I can sparkle and shine!

Look! A fabulous burlap embroidered pillow with Joyeux Noel stitched under the Eifel Tower just in time for Christmas. The little pig was something I bought so long ago just because I thought it was cute. Barb made the pillow and if you visit with her you will find directions to her online shop as well.

The Chanel products were wrapped in this adorable tea towel stitched with the ever leaning Tower of Pisa. It's adorable!

I am ALSO sooo lucky to have won a great book from Tammy's contest over at Mug of Moxie. The book is Another Pan and is a paranormal take on Peter, the Lost Boys and the Darling Family. Things are slightly different than the original story! I am on page 125 of 392 and loving it.

I've been lucky recently on my thrift shop finds and wanted to show off two new tea pots that I have added to my collection. The flower shop with apartment above on the left was purchased for $3.50 and the pot on the right was just $1 from a yard sale. The platter in the background is part of my rabbit collection.

At two separate yard sales I found these scarves each priced at $2. The one on the left was crocheted by the person throwing the sale. She said she paid about $10-15 in supplies and that's not even including the hours she spent making it. She said it was hard to give up but she needed to make way for other things.

Here are some recent book acquisitions from scouring book sales at various libraries. No book was over $1. I'd like to point out a Georgette Heyer book that I will be reading soon. The author was recommended by Vix at Vintage Vixen and a few of her friends.

Finally, you guys, I have to sign off now because I just noticed that Lara Croft: Cradle of Life is on TV and you know I have to support my boyfriend Gerry Butler. Here's a shot of him taken from the movie.

Oh, and visit this link to view Gerry's fab New York loft featured in Architectural Digest, you'll love it...I do! Hope you don't mind BUT I must DASH now!


  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie! Looks like you had a wonderful day. The food looks delicious, I love Indian food. DH can't tolerate it, so I only have it when he's out of town :) Those soaps looks heavenly, and what a fun bunch of give a way goodies. That tea towel is precious. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Happy Birthday Bonnie,

    Lots of goodies for a wonderful friend. Gonna have to try Indian food with some of my more braver Wishing you lots and lots of happiness and health.

  3. Dear Bonnie,
    I absolutely love good Indian food. Last summer I was in South Africa, which has old Indian communities throughout the country, and I stayed with an Indian family. I was treated to Indian cuisine heaven. Thanks for your visit and comment on Rattus Scribus, which are always welcome. Anita and want to make it a point to see you next time we are in CA.
    Have a great week.

  4. Happy birthday! That food looks yummy, I'm glad you had a good time :).

  5. My precious Bonnie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST! I am the one now that has to dash off to work, but I leave you with big hugs and wishes for an outstanding year of hope and miracles....thank you for visiting PUNCH in Nowhere......enjoy your day dear one. Anita

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    I love Indian food also. Well, most of it. It looks like you had a great birthday.
    I am so glad you liked your goodies. pamper yourself my friend. You deserve it.

    big hugs,

  7. Happy belated Birthday, Bonnie! How tremendously well you did for pressies, you must have some fantastic friends.
    As you know love a good Indian meal, glad you did, too. Hopefully the first of many.
    Great bargain buys and a gratuitous shot of Gerald is always good. xxx

  8. YUMMY food at the beginning and YUMMY "dessert" at the end of your post!!!!

  9. Hi my dear-A very happy belated birthday to you, so pleased you had such a wonderful time and the indian meal looks so delicious!! Well done on all of those fabulous pressies too! x

  10. A belated happy birthday. I love Indian food but, unless I add lots of yoghurt to it, I does not like me.

  11. happy belated birthday, girl! that indian food looks SO deliscious! =)


    Looks like you had a great time!

    Your prizes look amazing! As does that croched scarf!

    The Pan book looks interesting? Maybe i'll keep my eye out for that one!

    Sal xXx

  13. Late to the party Bonnie, so sorry, I am trying to catch up... Wow! So many goodies, love the books and the tea pots.. Soaps, I just love soaps.. I hope your day was magical.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Bon-Bon! Sounds like it was a fun celebration and I'm so glad!!! I LOVE INDIAN FOOD!!! Plus, I'm smiling at all the goodies you snagged! LUCKY! :D It's been a great birthday month for you, and I hope it continues all the year long. Live it up, Gorgeous!