Friday, September 10, 2010


SeaWorld is a huge aquatic park located on Mission Bay. You can also find SeaWorld in Orlando and San Antonio. There were plans for Dubai but they have been shelved for now.

I've been to the park at least three times previously but you know, I always seem to miss something.

Shamu and friends

Sea lion and otter show, very cute!Fancy a trip to the Arctic? There's a copter waiting for you!

Remember that Walrus you met in my last post? Here he is in all his glory!

A Beluga whale checking YOU out!

Just in time to catch the next flight out to Resolute Bay!

Shades of!

Who is that strange fellow staring at us?
Calling Captain Nemo!

Don't these star fish look like autumn leaves?

My nephew feeding the manta rays. They feel oddly spongy.

This guy looks cranky!
Next post the beautiful gardens of SeaWorld!


  1. What a beautiful tour. I love the shot of the swimming turtle - great capture! And the starfish are wonderful. What a fun trip. We are an hour and a half away from San Antonio, and somehow have never made it to Sea World. Cait has been, heck my Mom has been. We're going to have to take my niece sometime, she would love it. Kat

  2. Wow-it's all so beautiful. I went to Seaworld in Florida as a child and remember how amazing it was. Thanks for taking me to such fond memories:).



  3. BONNIE!!! You know how much I love this place and SD! THAT BELUGA is so cute, even if I can't see him to well......they are my favorite next to dolphins and manatees!!! How are ya dearest? SCHOOL IS KEEPING ME TOO BUSY! Anita

  4. What a tour! I'm so envious of you going there not once but three times! The flamingoes are my favourites but that walrus is rather adorable and some of those other critters have the cutest of fishy faces. Thanks for sharing! xxx

  5. Well, thank you very much! I enjoyed a long overdue visit back to SeaWorld San Diego. It was at the very same park that my eldest played in the snow for the first time. Yes, snow, at SeaWorld San Diego. There were great mounds of it made in December. I dressed him in a cute little alpine sweater, hat, boots (where did I get boots?) and gloves. He played while his baby brother sat in a stroller in a sunsuit. Fun times!


  6. I so love these photos and really like your widgets ;) I love widgets for some reason :)
    thanks so much for visiting me and commenting. It really makes my day :)

  7. Wow what a lovely place to visit. B thank you for stoing by and wishing me well, as you can see my computer has been fix, so I am back on line.

  8. Hi Bonnie
    I won't even tell you how long it has been since I have been to Sea World.. What a great place.. I love to watch the dolphins. awwwww. I love the sound of the waves, nice touch! Looks like you had a great time.. Thanks for sharing your day.
    Take care,

  9. You've taken such beautiful photos! I LOVE the swimming nautilus and turtle. Thanks so much for popping over - your comments are always so thoughtful:) xo

  10. FABULOUS photos Bonnie! Of all the pics, the one that astounded me is the one of the walrus...I had no idea they were so HUGE!!! Wishing you a wonderful week as always:) ~ Tina xx

  11. Thanks so much for the tour, Bonnie!! I've never been to Sea sounds like a lot of fun! We have the big Shedd Aquarium here but it is no way like this. I'd love to see the whales and seals!!

    Hope all is well with you, my friend. Happy Sunday!!

  12. It's a whol;e different world,isn't it!? I love looking at the fishies,and your pix turned out really well! I wouldn't like to be in there with that shark....

  13. Great pictures!

    Looks like you had a fun day! I've never been to Seaworld (when ive visted the US that is) we have similar places in the UK but nowhere near as big!!

    Sal xXx

  14. I miss Seaworld. I used to go there all the time as a kid when I lived in Florida, but there doesn't seem to be one close to where I live now (Missouri). Sigh. I do love these photos though. They take me back. :)