Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Time Fairy Visits San Diego

You guys, the time fairy came by and left us with one extra hour – yey! So what should we do today?

We could go to Rebecca’s Coffee Shop over on Juniper Street. They make the best muffins ever…

The smells and the ambiance of Rebecca's will entice you immediately!

I'll have a latte and a banana muffin!

We could go to the library in Mission Valley. Borrow the latest book release or an all time favorite. We could also shop at The Friends of the Library for more than reasonably priced used books (my favorite past time)…

You'll enjoy taking your book outside to sit, read, and get some fresh air.

There's also a pretty little stream that runs the length of the outdoor patio.

We could go junkin' and jivin' at the Mission Outreach Thrift Shop, the best thrift shop on Adams Avenue...

Pinky Tuscadero would love this pink beauty!

Lots of interesting items to browse.

Or, we could always cruise by Mission Bay...

Or just take in a beautiful Southern California evening

Tell me what you did with your extra hour today!


  1. Bonnie darlin'! What a fun, fun town you live in! It brings back fond memories of making our summer pilgrimage to S.D. to go hit all the main attractions, but I never had a chance to explore the side streets! What did I do with my extra hour? SLEEP! It felt so good. Have a wonderful, sunny day my friend! Bisous, Anita

  2. Ditto that, Anita. Many fond memories.

    And, dear Bonnice, don't be surprised if the next time we're in Los Angeles visiting family, we contact you ahead of time to see if you are available for a little visit. Lattes, muffins, good books and friends: what's not to like?


  3. Hi Bonnie,

    Sounds like a perfect day to me.
    In Az, we never get that extra hour. Enjoy for me please.


  4. you are soo lucky to have all those fantastic places to go to and to think it's just a stroll outside you back door.

    gotta love it... barb

  5. What a fun day! Many of my favorite things- coffee shop, books, and thrifting! I slept for my extra hour-lol. BTW, I love the name of your blog!



  6. Good morning dear Bonnice!!!

    Yes, please come anytime to sit around the hearth so we can eat homemade pizza, roasted chestnut and mushroom soup (my favorite invention) and make up stories!!!! Have a fun Saturday my dear, dear friend! Anita

  7. Rebecca's Coffee House sounds like MY kind of place! And that Mission thrift store - WOW! It would take more than one extra hour for me to enjoy all your suggestions -- and they ALL sounded great!