Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mid-week update!

I call this one, Fighting Crime in the Neighborhood...

Oh boy, so, Sadie and I go walking this morning and what do we see??? A car blocking the driveway. I can't believe it! It was a little after 8 so i thought if the car isn't gone by the time we get back Iwill call the police. We come back and the car is still there! Well...

...i call non-emergency police number, operator takes info, i wait...wait... wait...must remind self i called NON-EMERGENCY number! after more waiting, about an hour total, i notice passenger door ajar. whaaa??? i go out to look, jot down license then notice man sleeping in car! i call police with update...THERE'S A MAN SLEEPING IN THE CAR! i wait...wait...this time about 20 min., police arrive look spiffy in navy blue. each takes spot on either side of car, they talk to sleeping man who is reclined in seat. this goes on and on, finally police put on gloves. UH OH! man gets up and out of car, is handcuffed taken to cop car, settled in back seat possibly goes back to sleep. police search car up and down, still parked in driveway. cop scrolls thru perp's cell phone and looks at other various items. suddenly man and woman appear on scene. man is gestering wildly, hands police what appears to be some form of i.d. still gestering wildly, perhaps wondering why police disturbed perp's sleep. all gather by window of perp in cop car, too bad could not hear conversation. man walks down sidewalk, woman gets in car and drives, presumably picks up man. cops drive away with perp snoring in backseat. perhaps parking violation just tip of iceburg! maybe just helped cops pick up master criminal!

Pic of crime scene

You can't see much but that's the car blocking my driveway. You can see the two cops and the "perp" is in the car probably trying to catch some zzzzz's and wondering why the cops are bothering him.

My friend just called, we are going out for nachos and margaritas! Can't wait to regale her with my wild and exciting tale of Truth, Justice and the American Way!


  1. Good for you for being a good neighbor and doing your neighborly duty. Hey wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday, and will have to check out that indian restaurant where you celebrated.

  2. Yeah, go Bonnie! Big up to you for doing the neighboury thing, many people wouldn't bother. Wonder if you'll ever hear about the outcome? You should be a writer, your stories are always so gripping.
    Wish I could join you for Margueritas, maybe one day. xxx

  3. OMG WHAT THE HE.....? Did you ever find out what this person was doing in your driveway? That is scary stuff! We have had a rash of car thefts in our neighborhood, and do you know that the NIGHT someone on our block got robbed from their garage, I HAD A DREAM that I heard broken glass and that someone had robbed me at my aunt's house in Pico Rivera....the loud CRASH in my dream woke me up that I even went downstairs to check on things! WEIRD!!!! Oh dearest, take care of yourself....lock up!!!! Anita OH! Thanks for coming to see Balzac!

  4. that was awesome... nothing ever happens around here. i guess i should be thankful i live in a safe place. lock your doors and windows and stay safe!

  5. Oh Bonnie! Be careful.. It's always something..
    Good gravy!!! I hope the rest of your evening goes smooth.. Oh! I am so sorry I missed your Birthday... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
    Enjoy you evening.

  6. Did they move the car? I love how you took the photo from behind your screen - I would have done the same - scared but excited. Happy belated birthday wishes to you Bonnie - consider this your birthday WEEK! Your dinner looked utterly scrumptious - I'm actually salivating! xoxo

  7. Yikes, glad the men in blue finally came to your rescue! It seems that I've missed your birthday. Well, not really since I feel one should celebrate for an entire month. It sounds like, so far, that you are doing quite well without my greeting. Now that you have it, let you hair down and party on.


  8. So this is where your hiding, I've been trying your book blog. So glad that they eventually came to your rescue, was the car towed away or did the driver just leave?

  9. Hi all, just to clarify, the man and woman who suddenly appeared on the scene were dropped off by someone else. When everything wrapped up, the woman got in the car that was blocking my driveway and drove off.

    This is such a quiet neighborhood that this little incident created some excitement and a lot of rubber necking by drivers and pedestrians alike!

  10. How nerve racking. I leave in a relatively quite neighbourhood, if you hear a siren it becomes an noisy distraction rather than the norm. Yet I work in an area when sirens an police presence normal.
    Hope you have a quite weekend

  11. Hi Bonnie
    Just came by to wish you a quite ( I hope) and relaxing weekend. Oh! How funny is that, I never hear anyone use that expression, ( good gravy) and you use it also. tee hee..
    Warm regards,

  12. Hi Bonnie
    Sounds like you had adventure near your very door step. Next time call on Rattus Scribus and he'll put on his cape and fly to the rescue. Your comment on my post really touched me, because I personally had more than one experience like the boy you describe. I was part of a spelling bee, which I won and nobody could believe it because I didn't speak much. The teacher wanted her favorite to win, and although at the beginning of the competition she promised a prize to the winner (which she even displayed in a cabinet), when I won, she didn't say a word of congratulations and gave me no prize whatsoever. Now I know why people don't have super powers. If I did I would have reduced her to a charcoal briquette with my heat vision.


  13. Teeheee, that Ruben.........oh Bonnus dear, I wanted to email you last night after I caught up with everyone, but you know, I am more exhausted from this wild schedule at school that I didn't even have my tea time!!! HOW ARE YOU? Any more perps out there? WATCH OUT! Oh, I wish you could live in our neighborhood! We would have such fun. Thanks for visiting me last night dear.....we are all waiting for something, and it is good; it keeps us alert and wanting!!!

    Have a super weekend, Anita

  14. Hi Bonnie,

    Tommy would have protected you. Well, not really. He gets very excited and if possible would have let all of them in the house. Hehe.

    Have a "quiet" week.

    Big hugs,
    Barb and Tommy

  15. hahaha that's such a funny story! i wonder what was going on...

  16. Hi there-wow, how dramatic indeed! Pleased it didn't personally affect you my dear! have a good week ahead!