Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sushi and a movie

So I had some errands to run this week and after the bank, post office and grocery store, decided I would treat myself to sushi and a movie!

I looooove sushi, any kind, and could eat it every single day. I stopped off at Sushi Hut on Mission Center Road and ordered the California Combo lunch special for $6 and some odd cents.

It may take a while to decide what you want! Sorry the menu isn't clearer.

Some awesome looking raw fish. Hope you're not squeamish!

The California Combo is a great special with 8 pieces of sushi (a California roll), a medium sized soft drink and a vege roll and on this particular day because I had to wait so long, the manager gave me an extra roll so I scored.

In the same strip mall is a Blockbuster so I decided to take a look at what was new. Funny about me and Blockbuster, I go in spurts. I won't step in the store for almost a year and the next thing you know I'm there every weekend renting up a storm. They have a new policy that all rentals are $5 for five days and kids rentals are 99 cents.

Starting to plate up! I know, I could eat from the container and save myself some dishwashing but this is more fun and I love these vintage plates my mom got for me a while back.

All set for some video watching - WAIT - I still call them videos when clearly they are DVDs! Old dogs, no new tricks and all that I guess! It's pathetic, I only recently got a cell phone and it's a pay as you go phone! Anyway, get comfortable and get ready to watch Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

I enjoyed the movie and unlike some movies, it did not stray much from the book. I liked the book so much I got a copy for my nephew which he enjoyed immensely!

In fact, I enjoyed the movie so much I'll watch it again before I return it. Something I don't always do.

Did you know Sean Bean is in this movie? I adore him. Have you ever watched this old BritishTV show called the Vicar of Dibley? The vicar is actually, surprise, a woman played by Dawn French and she had a thing for Sean Bean. It was cute and one day he showed up at her door, forget how it ended though. So that was a little off the subject but take a peak at the trailer for Percy Jackson.

Have a good one!


  1. Great post, Bonnie! I've never had sushi, looks so pretty. I really ought to be brave. I love your plates, they're fabulous.
    Sean Bean, Gerald've got great taste in men. I never realised you got the Vicar of Dibley over in the States, such a silly but fun programme. xxx

  2. Sushi always looks so beautiful...but...and this is a huge but...I just can't chew it. I've tried, but truly it's not for the faint hearted! And yet...I'll eat oysters...go figure!

  3. WHAT FUN!!!! This series is so popular with my students....I don't even know the story, but perhaps upon your glowing recommendation, I need to check this out! This is certainly up Ruben's alley!!! As for sushi....hmmmmmmm.....I simply can't wrap my mind or mouth around it! But cooked salmon....anytime!!!!


  4. Bonnie dear.....thank you for coming down memory lane with me, Creamsicle in hand!!! Remember those days? Ah........I seem to remember a version with a berry flavored sherbet as well.....anything with vanilla gets my attention!!!! How are you sweet one? I am getting ready to get back to school. What an awesome summer we had. Enjoy your weekend, Anita

  5. The plates - so special! Sushi - not so much. I've tried it; it wasn't that bad; but I just can't get myself psyched for another taste...

    Glad you found a good movie (I still say "video" myself). Sounds like a sweet evening! We were GOING to go see Eat, Pray, Love (is that the order?) last night but then didn't. I DO want to see it though.

    Hope your weekend continues to flow pleasantly!

  6. I have never tried sushi, thats on my list of things to do.
    Love the Vicar of Dibley, Dawn French is so funny. enjoyed reading your post have a great weekend

  7. Hi my dear!! The sushi looks absolutely delicious!! Yes Sean Bean is a dish isn't he-lol!! Have a great weekend my dear! x

  8. Hey Bonnie!
    Wished I had known about the Sushi Hut when I breezed into SD in the past, because I definitely would have spent many dining moments there! Har! I haven't eaten Sushi in soooo long, but I recently discovered a new sushi place about 10 min. from me! Will def check out sooooooon! Ever eaten at a Wagamama? It's an upscale Ramen bar that was first opened by a Japanese businessman in England, and then successfully became a chain in Europe. The US finally got one in beantown a couple years back I think, and I was ESTATIC to discover one in Cairo!!! BONUS! Brought me back to my first Wagamama experience in Amsterdam. Yummers. The noodle dream with some sushi... edamame... and miso soup. Ok, gotta stop talking about this, and it's only bc I read your blog. All I want to do now is get out of my pajamas and head over there. LOL. Annyhooo, thanks for the post and visiting my blog also. It's been ages since I updated, but I'm slowly finding my way back into my blogging routine again. I hope you enjoy what's left of the wkend! Ciao, Bella!!

  9. Hi Bonnie
    Great post! How funny, you are the only person I know beside myself that has a pay as you go cell phone.. Yes, old dogs... haa
    Sushi, have never been brave enough to try...
    Enjoy your day dear friend.

  10. hahahahaha,Sean Bean IS a bit of a dish! I love him in the remake of Anna Karenina,although the film wasn't great.
    Mmm,just look at all that sushi!! I'm not squeamish at all! That is a fine looking sushi joint.The only place that would excite me more is Baja Fresh! I wish we had that here......
    I always plate up too.Goos to see your plates have no pattern-Vix would be ok to eat off those!!!(She has a weird thing about patterned plates.I love her!)

  11. This is a perfect evening for me too! I do the Netflix and love it. They come right to my house in 2 days. Don't feel bad about calling them videos. I remember Beta Max :)

  12. Oh sweet one, you came to see Tea Rat do the HULA HOOP! I found that song on the playlist!!! I am having fun animating my scribbles...thanks for your support! :) Anita

  13. Yum, Bonnie! You are making me want sushi! I would have ordered exactly what you did! My grandson loved that movie and I gave him the book, too. I have a Blockbuster Express in my grocery store and he and I rent a movie for $1 each time he stays over. Last time we saw "Alice in Wonderland." We loved it! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie