Monday, August 16, 2010

Something new to wear

Isn't this a cute skirt? I got it at Goodwill for $5 a great price plus the skirt is fully lined. It's pleated at the top and then flares out to a very full skirt. I haven't worn it out yet but I love the swirly, vaguely Indian print of the skirt and the addition of sequins.

I'm feeling very sparkly!

But what to wear with it??? I decided to shop Le Closet! Unfortunately, there's not much to choose from but I did find this top purchased from a catalog so long ago that I can't remember its name.

The top paired with a chocolate cardie from Goodwill for $3.99 never worn and still had the shop tags on it! Imagine, originally $35!

A sampling of earrings to choose from. The hoop pair are from Forever 21 and the other three are from long ago. You can see some of my tea pot collection in the background. I'll do a post on them one of these days.

I've been jonseing for a charm bracelet forever and finally found one! For some reason they remind me of being a kid again plus they're just plain fun. This charmer was only $1.99 from Goodwill. They are supposed to be clam shells one half pearlized and the other half gold plated with a pearl in them. I think this will be a good match with the skirt.

Rampage peep-toes (ridiculously priced at Ross Dress for Less last year so I HAD to get them) and two-tone Bandolino slip-ons (from Goodwill barely worn). I think a nice straw wedge would be nice too.

Here is everything put together but I will really have to work on getting some tops to go with the skirt. Sorry the photo is a little blurry but it's the best one of the bunch! It's 93 degrees today and I am wondering what I am doing in a sweater!

How about something cool to drink? I picked up two bottles of this new drink from Canada Dry, sparkling green tea ginger ale. Don't they put green tea in everything these days? I completely demolished one bottle yesterday and am ready to start on this one. Come join me and bring some nibbles with you! Maybe we'll catch a cool evening breeze.

The glass cake stand is from a neighbor's yard sale about a year ago and the wine glass is from Marshall's. It features the Franciscan Desert Rose pattern that I fell in love with when I was a just a kid.

Have a good one!


  1. Great outfit and the price is wonderful. I love the first pair of earrings with the bracelet and the Rampage shoes. How about an orange or yellow tee for fun? I have a similar skirt I wear a red tee with.

  2. BONNIE!!!!! This is wonderful! I swear, you need to keep this up.....BONNIE'S CLOSET...yep, you know how to put an outfit together so look marvelous dear friend! That bracelet too! WOW!

    How are ya? Thanks for coming to see Tea Rat do the hula hoop...he appreciates all of his friends that love him so!!!! Anita

  3. LOVE that skirt. What a cute outfit you put together. I've really got to amp my closet up a bit, right now about the only thing I have are scrubs lol. I love trash talks suggestion of a red tee - or maybe turquoise?

  4. oh, i just love the lace top! i have a dress looks very similar :) i also really do like the cake stand, i need one in my life!

    love, jazzabelle. x

  5. hey love! i spy an awesome skirt and bracelet. i LOVE chunky bracelets ... there so fun and girly! thanks for stopping my lil blog the other day! we SD girls unite! ;-)

  6. Hi there-well done on picking up the skirt, its really lovely, you look great!! the green tea ginger ale looks delicious too x

  7. that's really a cute outfit, i love that the purhase was made on the cheap. see here's the thing, i have lots of clothes but i don't know how to coordinate them. if i had to add accessories to the mix.. yah you can forget that. maybe you should come over to my place, put some outfits togther for me we take pictures of what goes with what and i'll be set. have a great day!

  8. Hi Bonnie - that's a really pretty skirt you found...and $5 dollars??? What a steal!!! You had put together a great outfit there my dear fashionista, and best thing is they're bargain buys! Happy weekend and thanks for leaving me the sweetest comment. It is my dream to be in a home magazine someday ;)

  9. What a bargin, love how you have styled it, have a great weekend

  10. Hi Bonnie
    I agree with everyone.. You do know how to put an outfit together! You look so lovely dear friend. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. Bonnie,

    I love it! You look adorable! What great finds. We went to the Nearly New Sale yesterday at St. Helena's church. It's an annual event selling clothes and shoes. The membership of the church donate the items and all the money goes to local charities. My husband and I found some great deals with most items costing only a dollar:).



  12. BONNIE DEAREST! You came to see me today and how pretty you look! Have you been shopping lately? Oh, I have to go out and at least get a new pair of shoes for school that starts the first week of SEPT.!!! AHHHHH! I need to shift gears. Thank you sweet one for coming to visit today; seeing your lovely face always makes me happy!

    ENJOY MONDAY! Bisous to you and the two furry ones Anita

  13. I lOVE that skirt - it's so similar to ones that I won myself!

    I would pair it with a black vest top or tee and a big wide belt!!

    Sal xXx

  14. How did I miss this post? Such a pretty skirt, you've styled it to perfection. That Canada Dry Green Tea looks delicious. We only have their Ginger Ale here....jealous! xxx

  15. That skirt is gorgeous, what a great find! I really love the pattern :).