Sunday, August 22, 2010

Good Will Hunting

It's Sunday! Anybody up for a trip to the Goodwill store?

Apologies this picture is a little blurry but we are on the 8 freeway and headed south taking the Rosecrans exit toward an area called Point Loma, specifically Sports Arena/Midway. We'll save the beaches and Los Angeles for another time, ok?

The traffic on Rosecrans really isn't bad today but there are days when it is cutthroat!

Here's our stop, the Goodwill Store or as my friend used to call it Good Willies or the Good Will Hunting store.

This was the scene of my latest coup, the full skirt you saw last week. I still need to find some tops for it.

I really enjoy the thrill of the hunt and I try to look for vintage items for the house.

There are racks and racks of clothes.

You never know what you'll find...maybe a Bob Mackie sweater like this one from the 80s! Hey I could have been on the Cosby Show with this snazzy number! By the way, the back was every bit as colorful as the front.

I loved these shoes but they were just slightly tight and I know if I wore these somewhere I would have ended up in tears and hobbling in pain. I would have been in a full ugly cry mode, sadly I put them back with a big sigh.

These cute shoes fit fine but I decided not to get them because I was on a mission at the time and these fun shoes were not on the agenda. I know I'll regret it. Please don't remind me of the time I actually held a Kate Spade bag in my hand for $10 and put it back on the rack. Aaarrgh!

I had to take a picture of the sky it was so beautiful. Speaking of noodles (below), the town is like one limp noodle and we are experiencing a heat wave. We did get a little relief this weekend but the temps are supposed to pickup again this week. I'm sure it will reach around 93-95 degrees.

Oh, I stopped off at Noodles & Company for some shrimp Pad Thai. The restaurant is a healthy "fast food" chain that specializes in all kinds of noodles including a variety of Asian noodles, pasta and even serve macaroni and cheese.
Enjoy your week!


  1. What a fun trip Bonnie..
    Yep, that sweater would fit right in on the Cosby show.. I really like the grey and black shoes.. Oh heat! It's almost 6:30pm and it's 105 in the shade here at home.. Yes, news just said heat wave this week.. haa, what is this?
    Stay cool this week my friend, thanks for the tour!

  2. Hey Bon!

    Thanks for taking us along to the Good Will store! I didn't see photos of any tops for your skirt, so I guess the "mission" is still open and ongoing? Here's wishing you some shopping karma!

    See ya,

  3. Dearest Bonnie! WHAT FUN! And those darling shoes that did fit you....AHHHHHH! Why didn't you do it? Can you go back??????

    I JUST LOVE YOUR TITLE FOR THIS POST! I haven't gone in to a Good Will for a while, but I remember back in high school, I used to go and find a pair of Levis for $1.00! I would literally tell myself, "Oh, I need a new pair of straight-leg Levis....and I would take quarters with me. $1.00-$1.50 would usually do the trick. That was in 1976.

    I SEE THAT SWEET PENNY HAS SAID WHAT THE TEMPS ARE DOING IN THE SHADE!!! YIKES! We were out in our favorite antiquing town yesterday with about 80 degrees and I thought I was going to melt! I have lost my tough California tolerance for heat and have built up a courage and skin to face below zero temps.....I do prefer the cold or at least, I prefer trying to survive it. It keeps you on your toes trying to keep warm!!!


  4. This settles it! I must start shopping Goodwill/thrift stores. Many of my blogging friends do. They find great bargains that make me envious yet I've never been in a thrift-type shop ever. Why not? I don't know. That is going to change. Love that skirt!


  5. Thanks for taking me shopping, Bonnie! That Goodwill store looks enormous. You could loose me for days in there! Loving the shoes adn the crazy knitwear and I'm positively salavating over lunch! xxx

  6. I hate to say it but you are going to regret not getting the shoes :) We have plenty of "dog eats meal" stories like the The Christmas one. Our dog ate a neighbor's Christmas pheasant one year (being smoked outside) Fortunately, they were understanding. Love your music! Carly Simon is a favorite of mine!

  7. That skirt is so lovely! I also love the pictures of the sky...

  8. Ah,to spend a few hours in that lovely Goodwill store!Heaven!Can I come next time?? And I want noodles after!!!
    (you shoulda got the shoes!)

  9. Hi there-such lovely pictures, sounds like you had a great day out too! x

  10. love the first and second pic!!!