Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Seriously, I have to post about what happened last night BUT before I do that you must take a look at this video because like Clarissa, it explains it all.

Cute commercial yes? Except that was me and it wasn't Rocky Raccoon it was a Pepe Le Pew, a SKUNK! I've never seen a skunk up close and personal before but let me tell you, they are pretty recognizable!

I was in the kitchen when I heard the gate rattle which is usually an indication that it's a cat jumping over the gate. Since my cat was in the house, I figured it must be the new cat from next door come to say hello again. I opened the back door, just like in the commercial, and started kitty, kitty!

The only thing I could see was a dark furry tail and it was about this time both the cat and dog started getting excited as I turned on the patio light. Kitty ran into the bedroom, jumped on the chair next to the window practically shredding the curtains trying to open them. We both looked outside and that's when I actually said out loud...IT'S A SKUNK!

A re-enactment!

No kitties or skunks were hurt during this photo shoot!

As skunks go, it was cute and very furry, black with a white stripe going down it's back just like in the nature programs. Yes, it was a Mephitis mephitis coming from the Latin mephitis meaning...BAD ODOR! Not sure why they repeat the word twice, I think I'd get it the first time! Thankfully, le skunk wasn't feeling threatened so did not leave a pungent odor behind as a parting gift.

Moral of the story: Go to Sears Optical and get a new pair of glasses!


  1. No way! That's hilarious, Bonnie! I've only ever seen skunks in the zoo but they are kind of cute.
    Bet poor kitty was traumatised, wonder if your new friend will come back for another visit? xxx

  2. LOL, poor you!! Am very pleased it did not give you a departing gift, that would have been nasty, huh!! Thanks too for your lovely comment my dear xx

  3. Oh shucks, I sent you a witty reply and forgot to type in the strange word required so.....

    If the skunk comes back and sprays you, bathe in a tub of catsup. It will take several cases to fill up the tub but it's better than losing all your friends!

    Go for the prepackaged crust. You don't really need a food processor to do a crust. In fact, it's better made by hand. My patient pharmacist husband made this tart but don't divulge that to my faithful readers who think I am the epitome of bakers!! I really need to start the practice of full disclosure but.....!


  4. Bonnie
    I could not help but to just laugh! You and your glasses, me and mine.. I lost my glasses the other day and had to replace them, so I understand! Me without my glasses is not a good thing...heee
    The skunk! Yes, they are cute to look at but once you have smelled the aroma? it is something you do not forget.. My little Jasper was sprayed last year.. It took many different products and a trip to the groomers to have his little face shaved to get rid of the smell. Poor little guy... The skunk was bigger than him!
    Enjoy your day, stay out of the heat...

  5. i grew up with you and..... i can totally picture you and the scene presented...classic hehehe :)

  6. Every time I see that commercial I crack up. Mainly because that is so totally something I would do. I have a friend who walked into her kitchen late one night to find that not one, but two raccoons had come in through the dog door. She said the scene was worthy of a Marx Brothers movie! If you or your fur babies ever have a run in with a skunk who does feel threatened, the best concoction for bathing is a quart of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 tsp of Dawn dishwashing soap. Bathe generously, being careful not to get in the eyes and rinse well. You may have to repeat. If it looks like the pets took a full "shot" to the face, rinse their eyes with plain artificial tears (do NOT use Visine or anything like that) And whatever you do, don't mix this up and keep it in a sealed container for future use. Because the container won't stay sealed for long and your ceiling will smell delicious :) Kat

  7. OMG I am so late for this HILARIOUS but scary post! OH BONNIE!!!! WHAT??????? I NEVER EVER saw a skunk when living in California! I LOVE YOUR ENACTMENT!!! Kitty is a real troupa, a real pro!!! I was not able to see the video; it will not play for me!!!

    You are a fun writer my pal; stay alert!!!! Anita

  8. Thank goodness Kitty didn't get a new eau de parfum! I don't think Kitty Kitty would have been happy with a bath in tomatoe juice! Gives a whole new meaning to "Wow I could have had a V-8" doesn't it?

  9. Hehehe what a great story! You know, the lady in the ad would definitely be me - I've never seen the ad before now but I do recognise that insane look of delusion recognition in myself!!

  10. Hi Bonnie,

    That was hilarious. What a cute commercial.
    Love the re-enactment.
    I think we had better pack up the animals and move to that small village in France. I know you are game. We will just make sure there are no skunks. Tommy is doing better but doesn't move that fast.

    big hugs,

  11. Oh wow haha what a great story .. glad it didnt come into your home though!!

    We have a similar ad in the UK for a shop called Specsavers!!

    Sal xXx

  12. Oh no you didn't!!! lol lol How funny, Bonnie! It does sound like that new ad campaign where the lady thinks the skunk is a kitty!! You are too funny! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  13. Hi again, Bonnie! I am sooo far behind! All I do is babysit for my little grandson! I love your GW finds! Isn't the Goodwill store great! You look so cute in them, too! Happy week!...debbie

  14. Hello there!

    I just wanted to thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I appreciate it so much :)

    What a hilarious story! I think skunks are absolutely adorable animals, but I wouldn't ever dare try and get close to one. They aren't that cute, haha.

    You a quite the thrifter! I love the finds from your last post: you lucky lady you!

  15. Bonnie,

    This post is too funny!!! Skunks are cute from a distance but I sure don't want to meet one up close. Maybe I should make an appointment with Sears today just to make sure-lol!



  16. Omg - that is too funny and I'm so pleased your visitor didn't leave any pungent odours behind;))

  17. Heee!!All Tea Rat needs is a good swift kick in the arse and he'll stop long enough to sip a good cuppa and munch on his biskies with all those patient friends of his! Come on over Paisley dearest and give the first kick!!!! TEEHEEE! Love ya, Bonnie!


  18. Bonnie,
    I love skunks. That is to say, I think they are really cute, especially when they're young. But holy cow were you lucky it didn't decide to go all Mephisto on you.

    P.S., Tea Rat has calmed down enough to recover his manners. Of course you are most welcome for afternoon tea and fresh black berry pie.

  19. Hilirious post! I love the commercial! Thank you for sharing it Bonnie! Thank you for visiting me too!Lovingly~