Monday, August 9, 2010

Fashion Valley Mall

I started visiting Fashion Valley Mall back in the 80s when it was a teeny mall and I used to like to go to Lupita's for great Mexican food. News flash, Lupita's isn't there anymore!

San Diego used to be a sleepy beach town but it has since grown into a mini LA. I'm not sure if I like that or not but it still has a slower pace than LA thank goodness. One of the things that has changed dramatically is this mall. I wish I had pictures of what it used to look like! See the picture below? There didn't used to be condos on the top of ridge and the condos at the bottom are brand new. This shot was taken from the walkway between Bloomies and ZGallerie. Do you recognize the Cheesecake Factory (bldg. with the dome) on the left? There is yumminess to be had there and it's great for brunch.

There are 200 stores and restaurants in this mall and since I haven't been in a while, I noticed a lot of my favorites have gone missing and lots of new stores in their place. Someone tell me what happened to Harry & David's and Paper Doll!

A few of the usual suspects...

I used to love going to Charlotte Russe but actually am surprised it is still around since the mall did its revamp.

The old workhorse - Bloomies

The new workhorse - Banana Republic

I haven't watched MadMen yet, have you?

Love this store!

A few mall favorites....

This is a fairly new store but judging from the clothes is exactly how I like to dress, casual.

If I could afford to shop at Antropologie believe me I would!

Chico's has lots of great casual and chic garments and accessories.

There is also a mini Sephora's in JC Penney's

Oh, Jeeves, please get me a POUND of Godiva's assorted chocolates!

Lots of fun if pricey accessories here

The designers...

A sale, yippee! Actually, I really do love Carolina's designs. Notice how we are on a first name basis!

If you have to ask how much it costs...

New kids in town:
H&M, still fairly new

The very brand new (about one month) Microsoft Store

Forever 21 is a favorite to haunt for fun accessories (because frankly I don't fit into their clothing and I'm positive I don't fit their demographics)! Remember shops like Judy's, Wet Seal, House of 9? Anyway, this is a great place for inexpensive bits and baubles.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Hi Bonnie! You've left me with the urge to splurge after those tantalising shots. Our local high street is nowhere near as tempting. Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany? Wow!
    Fancy having that little lot on your doorstep.
    I had the Mad Men boxed set a while ago, very chic and stylish with fabulous storylines. Recommended! xxx

  2. Hi there-wow, what a post-we virtual shopped that whole mall and what a huge and varied selection!! I must admit to getting overwhelmed with malls, I do tend to prefer our High Streets, where its all in the open!!

  3. WOWOOWWWW! FUN OVERLOAD HERE>.........yep, this is NOT the San Diego I remember. Anthropologie? I go there for their sales. I have at least 10 pieces from them, all sale, and I love the place. Dangerous location however, about 3 blocks from work. After a stressful day, I hit Anthropologie to bury my woes....I come out with something!!!!

    LOVE IT, and you are the oughta go into some kind of fashion/movie critic writing...

    Love ya! Anita

  4. Hi Bonnie
    Now THAT'S what I call a MALL! Anita is right.. FUN overload... OH look! They have a BEBE store... Good gravy, I need to send you know who over there.. hee Great post!

    You were not late to the party.. Thank you for visiting, and you are most welcome. You bring sunshine to me, so I am happy to send it your way.

    Bebe will be taking off soon... It is so much fun to hear everyones ideas of where she might be headed..
    Thank you Bonnie for your kind words.

  5. I'm fairly certain that none of these shops were at Fashion Mall when I strolled my wee firstborn around. I'm not even sure about Bloomingdales. There was a large department store (can't recall the name) where we purchased five large Christmas balls for the bottom of the tree. What were we thinking? Wee babe was not so wee the following Christmas and his fascination with the balls led to their destruction!! I do recall an ice rink--don't I?

    Thanks for the tour. I would have stopped in Williams-Sonoma, Anthropologie, Tiffany's--yawn, I'm slowing waking up from a lovely dream!


  6. Hi Bonnie! It's tooo hot to even get out of the car and go into the mall in my neck of the woods! I love Chico's but can only drool outside the door of most of the more expensive stores. Once my daughter and I went in Jimmy Choo just to touch some of those shoes. I was admiring a purse and the little sales girl says...Oh, that purse at a nice price point...only $875. I couldn't get out of there fast enough to laugh!! Oh, well! Maybe if I win the lottery! I hope you are having a great week! Did you get the interview?....hugs..Debbie

  7. I think I've been it in or near La Jolla? Can't remember. When my daughter Meredith lived in Scripts Ranch, I spent a lot of time in S.D. I love it there. As far as stores daughter Raquel loves forever 21 and I love Z Gallery..but honestly...I don't care too much for malls. At least that one is outside huh?

    have a good one bonnie,

    ps. did I ever tell you that my in-laws used to call me bonnie cuz they had a hard time pronouncing bunny...funny!!

  8. Oh sweet one...thank you for coming to take a peek at the Faerie Maiden....thank you! How are you dear faerie? How is Paisley Bunny? Anita