Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Fashion Icon Is....

Hi Everyone! Fashion Friday - tres fab! Thought I would submit this post I did last month on Barbie. It was such a surprise to learn that she was celebrating her 50th at Fashion Week in NY and that 50 celebrated designers were challenged to create Barbie inspired looks for the real world. Here's the post and thank you Fifi for a fun and Fashionable Friday !

Yes, it's Barbie who was feted with a fashion show at NY's Bryant Park on Valentine's Day. And, Shhhh, B. is celebrating her 50th birthday all year long! The BIG news, she is back with her on/off guy Ken. If that doesn't make me fall in love with love I'm not sure what could! Perhaps a happy ending is in the works....finally!

Anyway, our sweetheart was wowed when more than 50 major designers, oh let's see...Badgley Mischka to Vera Wang to Michael Kors and Juicy Couture just to name a few...showcased real-size looks inspired by Barbie celebrating the past, present and future of fashion, seen through the bright eyes of our "Original Teenage Fashion Model." I can't tell you how thrilled I was to see Betsey Johnson still in the mix!

Girrrrl, I would have loved to have been there to help you celebrate! Dish, what was it like to see Bob Mackie after all these years? Have you seen the headline from NY Magazine: Barbie infiltrates the Fashion Industry, and We Are Scared! What about this from Fern Mallis: For many young girls, [Barbie is] their first association with fashion and dressing up and changing clothes - yeah SHE said that, can you believe it!

What about this... I grew up in the Alps and France, and Barbie was my first exposure to the American woman, designer Catherine Malandrino said backstage. For me she was blonde, she was free and she was fun. Catherine freakin' Malandrino, darling! I mean can't you just hear Stacy London saying....Shut up!

Well, must dash for a latte and a mani. See you later darling and Happy Birthday. 50 is the new 30 on you....no, really darling!

Ciao Bella


  1. I want to be Barbie and get to meet Betsey! Debbie

  2. Hi Bonnie! Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages! I see you are a follower now! Glad to meet you. I love your ideas and subject. How fun it is to blog. I am originally from Los Angeles. How is it out there in San Diego? Have a great day! Anita

  3. Hi Debbie, get in line sister! Thanks so much for stopping by. This whole blog thing is fantastic and I love Trash Talk. Hope you have a fresh pot of coffee going because I'll be stopping by soon! Bonnie

  4. Hello Anita, not sure if I'm supposed to respond to a comment from a comment? In any event, thank you so much for stopping by. I am new to this blogging thing and it is a big, wide world out there! I find it feeds my creativity and my soul - a double whammy! Today promises to be beautiful and sunny and the birds are chirping. I heart Castle Crowns and Cottages and will be a frequent visitor. Bonnie

  5. Barbie will forever be FASHIONABLE and stuck in that FAB body! Thanks for playing along... FUN!

  6. Thanks for stopping by on Fashionable Friday! Barbie is Fab at any age!

  7. Hello Bonnie...
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    ENJOY your day!

  8. Hi Fifi, the only thing I can say in my defense is it's Friday the 13th. I sent the post again but pressed the wrong button and didn't even finish my name, there is only a "B." My sincere apologies for the mess! I promise to be better next time.

    Hope you enjoy the post despite my chaotic morning! Bonnie