Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cat not included!

So while most everyone was enjoying champagne and shopping at Serendipity Market this far is Canton, TX from here...neighbor Cristel and I were doing our usual Saturday morning dog walk when we happened across a great little yard sale. I spent only $10 on the following beauties (cat not included).

That framed artwork in the back had a pricetag of $10 but the lovely lady (LL) running the shindig gave it to me for $5. What else could I do but buy more stuff, right?

Hey how did he get up there? That's Kitty the kitty and a box of Whitman's Sampler. I always remember my mom telling me that getting a box of Whitman's back in the day was like getting a box of Godiva chocolates. I re-counted the story to LL and she gave me the box for free! The only problem is every time I look at the box I want to open it and reach for some chocolates!

A lovely pair of vintage clip-on earings of pearls and dizzying "diamonds"

Book on the left just seemed so interesting and was written by two sisters Kay Corinth and Mary Sargent. Kay was Merchandising Director of Seventeen magazine and Mary worked for Time. Published in 1966 the book promises more than 200 original party ideas!

Here are Mary Kate and Ashley...I mean Mary and Kay!

The book in the right of the picture is De Mi Cocina, a home-style Mexican cookbook by Maria Ester Medrano. It's formatted like a notebook with handwritten recipes and when opened, the book stands on its own - brilliant!
And finally, the latest additions to my tea pot and bunny collections

That's all for today!
Ciao Bella


  1. pretty kitty... reminds me of my beautiful Coco Chanel kitty... sigh!

  2. Hi're looking good. Isn't he a shameless photo ham!

    You bought an empty box of chocolates? Whatever were you thinking?

  3. Hi Bonnie! I love all of your goodies!! Your mom is right about the Whitman's Sampler! Your kitty is a real beauty. I have several climbers...nothing is safe!! Have a great week...Debbie

  4. I love the items you got here, I adore old books, we are always on the hunt for books that have a story, well you get me. your cat looks just like Sootie, thanks for stopping by fiona