Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shameless Plug Sunday-2

Gosh, is it Sunday already!?

I am pleased to be continuing Shameless Plug Sunday. This time featuring Safeway's Clear Sparkling Water a beverage that comes in many different flavors. I lean towards....every single one of them!

Some time ago my friend Cheri told me I absolutely had to try it. I did but didn't find myself enthused. Quite a spell went by before I tried it again and this time - EuRekA - I heard the bells clamoring in the town square or something like that. It was as if I had discovered the cure for what ails humankind...a one liter bottle of flavored fizzy water.

Get thee to the nearest Vons, Safeway or Pavillions to pick up this product. It is refreshingly good! Oh, and all the better, it is caffeine/sodium/sugar FREE!

Ciao Bella

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  1. Hi Bonnie! I look forward to your Shameless Plug Sunday! Unfortunately, we don't have either of those stores. :-( I was fixing something frozen the other day and thought about your shameless plug!! Hope you have a great day!! hugs...Debbie