Saturday, February 14, 2009

I waited as long as I could Mr. Darcy

Alas, with only three more hours left this Valentine's Day, it appears I must put my heart back in its velvet lined box and patiently wait for next year. Perhaps if I could pencil myself in your calendar kind sir?

Instead I had a wonderful day meeting up with my niece, the lovely Jamie.

Over breakfast at Seaport Village we enjoyed a scathingly brilliant time just chatting, conspiring and catching up. Did I mentioning laughing? Lots of laughing!

Unfortunately, we had to part ways much too soon. So after a quick foray into Upstart Crow I headed off to a few antique shops in the hood...University Heights. I found that one of my favorite shops was closing its doors. I was heartbroken but I did manage to find a few items that were soooo deeply discounted I had to bring the little darlings home. And here they are...

I love collecting anything relating to animals especially dogs. Funny it seems that I find more Scotties than any other breed. And that Max Factor Sophisti-Cat is holding on to its own treasure of Hypnotique perfume or what's left of it.

Ciao Bella

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  1. Hi Bonnie...I love your goodies! That darn Mr. Darcy never shows up, does he?? Have a good week!...Debbie