Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shameless Plug Sunday

In the tradition of Metamorphosis Monday, Tablescape Thursday, etc., may I present Shameless Plug Sunday as a forum to feature a product with no fear of having the brand name fuzzied out like on TV. In this case may I present Archer Farms Moroccan inspired Apricot Currant Whole Wheat Couscous and Chicken entree. What a mouthful, literally! You can purchase this product at Target and the box is a one stop shop because it contains everything you need including the chicken which is canned.

This is my second attenpt at trying this product. Amazingly it's quite tasty and I knew I wanted to try it again this time with roasted chicken instead of canned and a few more apricots and currants. For roughly $5+ dollars, and a 30 minute cook time it is the perfect dinner for a busy work night. Archer Farms promises the vibrant flavors of Morocco come to life in this delicious dish! Which way to the casbah?

Ciao Bella

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  1. lol I like Shamless Plug Sunday!! I will check out my Target!!..Debbie