Sunday, July 11, 2010

A trip to the library

Took a trip to my neighborhood library and came back with these little lovelies. I had just gone in to return one book and came out with three more and a DVD. I love Laurie King's books in particular the Mary Russell series. Has anyone seen the DVD? Is it any good?

And look at all the freebies I came home with! There were a TON of Martha Stewart Living mags (and others) to be had but I tried not to be piggy about it. I can't believe I even got a free book on tape, Mrs. deWinter, the sequel to Daphne de Maurier's Rebecca...Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again. The freebies were courtesy of The Friends of the Library.

Here are a few snaps of the Mission Valley Library where I LOVE to hang out! I'm such a square!

View from the second floor balcony looking down

A trolley runs through it!
A shot of the San Diego trolley taken from the 2nd floor lanai.

A refreshing and cool courtyard off the children's section

And I’d like to wish Peace & Love and a happy birthday to Ringo Starr who turned 70 on July 7th.

Everybody have a great week!


  1. Wow, Bonnie, loving the scenes of your town. That library looks spectacular, much more impressive than ours.
    I've made a note of those books, I'm always on the lookout for new authors and reading material. Can't believe those mags were free..great result!

  2. Oh I love Ringo...what a wry sense of humor and at 70, the man still rocks my world! AND THAT you know that I get chills up and down my spine when I walk into a well-stocked library? You are gonna have some fun here dearest Bonnie! Good to see what you are up to out there in SD...anymore earthquakes? Hugs and squeezes to the furry ones and to you dear friend! Anita

  3. I love to spend the afternoon at the library too. But it's off to the bookstore today if I can manage it, the new James Lee Burke is out today -yippee! I love the fact that they give away the old magazines, what a great idea. And how did Ringo end up being 70? Yikes! Kat

  4. Hi Bonnie! Would sooo love to visit your town!

  5. Thanks so much for a "tour" of your bungalow. We live in a 1921 bungalow and, like you, I love it's uniqueness. The built-ins are a touch you don't find these days. And, to add to my delight, was the visit to your library. I am a library trustee. We are about to start construction on a much-needed library. Everything is in place and we are just waiting to see if the public is going to remonstrate against it. Hopefully no one is against a library. About ten more days to wait!!


  6. I wish our libary looked like that! I'd spend sooo much more time there!

    Although I did practilly love in one when I was a kid/geek lol


  7. I guess I'm "square", too. We have several satellite libraries (the closest one to me is about 5 miles away and I use it frequently). But the MAIN one in downtown Fort Wayne is relatively new. I have only been inside once (to the children's section when our grandchildren were here earlier this summer). It was fabulous--and now I have a goal to visit it at least once this summer and check out the adult department!

  8. Hi Bonnie! Don't libraries have the greatest smell? Love it! Looks like yours is a really nice one, too! And with a fun! How neat that you got free mags! Enjoy your new finds!..hugs...Debbie