Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Passion for Fashion

I've recently been inspired by various fashion/thrifting blogs and have been thinking of maybe starting another blog just about what I wear or have found thrifting. In fact just the other week I was having a fashion conversation with Anita over at Castle Crowns and Cottages. Did you know that when I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer?

Well, we'll see about the new blog but in the meantime I thought I'd do a little test post and you can tell me what you think. I scoured the depths of my closet to find something of interest and here it is...

...the sweater in question looking a little forlorn just by itself. I got it from Ross Dress for Less about a year ago and have never worn it! I was attracted to it by the color and then by the sleeves which are ruched and it just seems vaguely Victorian to me, a period I have always found fascinating.

I've never thought of wearing grey before but I've now got two sweaters in that color; this one is a pewter and the other is a light grey. I've been trying to figure out how to wear it. I'm not a fan of the belt and will be getting rid of the belt loops. I got the brilliant idea to use the belt as sort of a necklace like this...

...and I've paired it here with a vest.

How about a flower with little sparklies? This one is my great-aunt's brooch. I love little keepsakes like this.

Here is one half of a clip on earring that was thrifted at a yard sale.

A really pretty pink pin from a neighbor's garage sale, she said it was from the 50s or thereabouts.

This is a 50s pin I picked up at a thrift sale back home

I've never been one to wear a rosary as jewelry but thought it might look ok.

It looks gold but it's really silver. The rosary was given to me by Rene who thought it might help me through a serious illness I was going through. The crucifix is an antique from France and he fashioned the rosary together himself. I really love it as it is beautifully crafted and has a lot of personal history behind it. I will probably never wear it as jewelry but it was a thought!

Ok, here I am in the getup. Photo taken in my bathroom because of the wonderful light that shines through! The John Lennon glasses were a gift from my friend Sandi who picked it up at the Beatles Museum in Liverpool. I was jazzed! I'm also wearing an oversized pearl bracelet and dark grey magnet bracelet. (Remember when they were the rage?)

And just for fun, here are a pair of cat glasses I bought for Halloween one year. I rather like it and it seems to go with the outfit! I'm really digging my Chanel lipstick! I adore Coco and all things Chanel especially vintage Chanel.

Here I am with my crazy gato.

A couple of thoughts, it's really hard to take pictures of yourself! I should probably recruit someone to take the pics or maybe train Kitty or Sadie. It's also pretty wierd to see pictures of myself on the blog!

I'd like to direct you over to the blogs that have been my inspiration....

All ladies are quite individual and I think they rock their style. Rock on ladies!


  1. What a fun post, Bonnie! I didn't know about this side of you! I say you are rocking that the ruched sleeves! And I love the look of the flower with your great aunt's brooch! I say, go for it! I wold love to see some fashion tips coming from you! I need help...can't make myself wear anything but capris and flip flops! lol Have a great evening!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Thanks for the mention, Bonnie! You look fabulous. I love grey, it's much more flattering than black and more fun than navy blue. The corsage and the belt as a necklace are both inspired ideas.
    Jon look so cool with your John Lennon shades and I'm loving the rhinestone specs, too. The Chanel lippie looks wonderful on you, very few women can pull red lipstick off but you look gorgeous.
    I used to have an old puss called Albert who was the dead spit of your Gato.
    Thanks for your constant support, your internet friendship means a great deal. xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. BONNIE OMG, I was out all day yesterday and missed the launch of this fab post, but here I am.......O.K., now this little grey number is so versatile! Oh, thank you also for mentioning me! What a great conversation....and see what one can do with ONE piece? You changed the look with so many ACCESSORIES....the key word here. Bonnie, I love the John Lennons YOKO...SO YOU! YOu look fabulous! I don't now what to say, other than this is a great way to play and experiment with different looks, moods with just ONE item! You know, wouldn't it be fun to do a post, YOU, to do a post and a party where people take only ONE item and doll it up in several ways? This would be brilliant! I would join! I would help you with the "party"! I am very inspired by this dearest! HOW MANY LOOKS CAN YOU GET FROM ONE PIECE OF CLOTHING?

    Think about it. In the meantime, you look smashing! And grey is a fab color. Your makeup can change along with the look of grey too!

    Have a great day and peace to you dearest, Anita

  4. Bonnie, I think you've got a great little sweater there. You can dress it up or dress it down or somewhere in between. All you need is a basic black skirt and some Chanel pumps or flats and you're good to go for most occasions.

    I haven't talked to my son yet. He went directly from Comic Con (this was his third year there) to Sigraph in L.A. He heads back north today.


  5. Awwwww thanks for the mention :D Really made me smile that has!

    Love the grey jumper and all of your pins and that flower is gorgeous!

    I wear a lot of grey coloured items espesh for work, I like to blend it in with black and it also looks great with pink!

    I'd love to see a blog about your clothes, maybe you could incorporate it with this one???

    Have a great weekend

    Sal xXx

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Great hearing your voice the other day. I had a ride waiting for me at that moment or I would love to have chatted with you. Love this post. The idea to use the belt as necklace was brilliant. I also loved the vintage door nobs, knockers and iron speak-easy in the door (from your previous posts), but my favorite had to be the gold frame rabbit painting.

    Thanks for visiting Rattus Scribus.

    P.S., Ruby Tuesday is one of my favorite RS tune. One of those songs that at the time and ever since is associated with good memories and feelings. Thank you.

  7. BONNIE BABE.....Thank you for coming to visit today! Rattus has been on the computer all morning, and I haven't even had a chance to see your emails! I will get over when I get a chance after grocery shopping! I am so glad that you liked the linen closet post.....I am always looking for faeries, EVERYWHERE!!!!! GROSSES BISES TO YOU, BEAUTIFUL! Anita

  8. Hi Bonnie, thanks so much for your kind words and welcome back, so lovely of you!! A lovely post to comment on, the jumper worn with the tie belt as a neck detail is very inspirational and chic looking and your glasses add a very lovely touch too! wishing you a great week ahead my dear! xx

  9. Hi Bonnie,
    You look fab and I love your style!!!!
    Thank you so much for your visits, lovely comments and encouragement on my blog. They mean so much to me. Hope you enjoy your week.
    Hugs from me in England. Sandi xx

  10. HelLO! Absolutely you should do a fashion blog! This is amazing! You already SO inspire me, Bonnie. I had no idea this was another side of you. What a great idea to change-around the sweet flower! I will learn so very much from you. Accessorizing makes all the difference and I am kind of awkward in this department. I like things on other people when I SEE them, but can't figure out how to make it happen for me.....

    You're so sweet to mention me. Thank you. I cherish your support and "in-line" friendship.