Sunday, July 18, 2010

tour of the ol' casa

Hi, thought I would share a few of the unique features of my humble abode. My home is a pink 1930 Spanish bungalow quite common in Southern California. What I love about this home and older homes in general, is that there are many features you just don't see anymore

Here is a unique light fixture above the kitchen sink with equally unique cabinetry work that modern home builders don't bother with these days.

I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille!

One of two built-ins in the breakfast nook

A pair of really cute hot chocolate china cups and saucers, a little bear, and a tin featuring Peter Pan that I picked up at Marshall's probably when I first moved here in 2000.

I collect tea pots and here's one that is also part of my bunny collection. There is also a picture of my grandmother and mom and uncle as children.

This is a what people used to call a milk door. This is inside the house...

...and this is taken from the outside. There are compartments on either side of the door where the milkman would store the dairy products.

You don't see this too often, behind this door is a pull out ironing board

I'm not sure that this drawer pull is original to the house but it's romantic looking!

A lovely treasure and an original. I consider it a piece of art and it hangs in the living room.

Another interesting light fixture. It's "milky" looking and hangs in the hallway where the ironing closet it.

A regal looking front door knocker.

Here is what it looks like from the inside, you can see there is a latch which you can open...

...And here's what you see when you open the door.

An original door knob.

I never quite realized what this was until one day I put two and two together. This is from inside the house in what is the dining room and...

...and this is what it looks like from the outside! It's not used as the mail drop anymore as the front porch is now enclosed.

I've had a number of people give me their take on this little nook and the general conclusion if that it used to hold an old fashioned upright telephone.

Another built in located in the hallway which I converted into a little bar setup.

Love these glasses, I picked them up at a garage sale for only $1 each, never used.

The shaker on the right was a birthday gift and the wine rack is from Ikea.

I recently did a remodel of the bathroom. It's not complete yet I am still waiting to put in a new floor but see the silver knobs, they were the original fixtures of the bathtub and just below it is a piece of yellow tile that I saved. The bathroom featured yellow and black tile so beautiful and "old school" but had to be removed. Believe me I cried buckets!

Hope you enjoyed your tour!


  1. I love this stuff. My parents house still have the ironing board in the wall...I wish I had one here. Hope your doing well down there in San D.


  2. Bonnie, your home is just gorgeous! I adore architectural bits and pieces and spend hours searching that category on eBay for unusual door furniture and quaint light fittinsg.
    Your door is just wonderful as are the light fittings and all the little nooks and crannies.
    Thanks so much for sharing, I want more.

  3. Bonnie I love your home! All the little details that builders no longer bother with. I've never seen a milk door, our milkman just left ours on the porch in a steel box. And I agree, that most likely is a telephone niche, my grandparents house had one and that's what they used it for. The light fixtures are gorgeous, especially the living room fixture. When we first moved here, we rented an old house that had a built in ironing board. Of course, it was pretty much wasted on me :) Kat

  4. Good morning dearest BOnnie!!! This home resembles the house I grew up in on Dalton Ave. in Southwest Los Angeles. I can still remember the Ice Man coming to put a chunk of ice in that "ice box" like the one you show! And the built-in ironing board....oh yeah...and the little built-in nook for the phone and all the other details that made this home a real treasure. I remember begging my dad to lift the house and move it to our new destination in Pico Rivera when we moved away in 1970. I wanted to keep my childhood home forever. I love your little speak-easy window on the door....the original iron is so gorgeous! It is wonderful to see you post....please come by when you can! Anita

  5. Wow - thanks for showing us around your home, It's beautiful, some of the features (espesh the lights) remind me of when I stayed on the Queen Mary!

    Thats the problem with my brand new house, it doesnt have any cool features like this, I love the cut out's in the walls, they are so handy and I love the bar and those glasses are just perfect!

    My Nanna's and my Grandads house's used to have some features like this - I wish I had taken more pictures when they still had them!

    Sal xXx

  6. Thank you for the great tour. I love your casa Bonnie... All the little details, that's what makes a home.. Hope you are staying cool.
    Take care

  7. You're right! Many old homes have such unique features and you've done a great job "capturing" them for us. The old milk door, original chandelier, door knobs, built-in ironing board, grates, mailbox, etc. give a peek into previous lifestyles. They deserve thought, preservation and celebration. I REALLY enjoyed this tour.

  8. I'm in many great details. The milk door is SO cool. I grew up with a metal milk box on the front porch and still remember the milkman coming in his truck. Your home really has a lot of architectural detail that I adore.

    Are you surviving the heat. How is Sadie? I feel like I am missing your posts somehow, yet I am following your blog. Maybe I don't blog enough! lol!!

    Take care!


  9. Bonnie
    How sweet of you to visit Bebe. Thank you so much for your encouraging words..
    Oh it would have been a real treat to see you when Anita and Ruben were here. I think we are not that far away from each other.. Maybe sometime we could get together.. I would love it.
    I plan on going to the SD Zoo this summer...
    Enjoy your evening and thanks again for visiting!

  10. Bonnie,

    Your house is wonderful! I love all of the vintage touches and history, I especially like the chandelier!



  11. Hi Bonnie! I love your home! So many pretty vintage touches! My mom's house had some of the same features. I think the milk door is my favorite...especially since it's Kitty's door! And I love your door, too! lol Such wonderful light fixtures! Thanks for taking us on the tour!...hugs...Debbie

  12. Bonnie, my precious, precious Bonnie! First of all, it was such a special moment to speak to you!!!!!! I love this life. Knowing people like you, connecting and being able to support each other, what a gift. And merci ma belle, for the lovely name of Arianna....the name of one of my favorite students...and your FRENCH name in school...I shall greatly consider that as I collect all the names!

    What a lovely day out here today; I hope you had a decent day out there....the weather patterns everywhere are so bizarre lately.

    Ruben says, "YO".......give a fat squeeze to the furry ones!

    Love ya, Anita

  13. OH! My comment was eaten up!!! AHHHHH! Oh thank you dear, dear Bonnie for the French name of Arianna! Your French name in school, such a pretty name fitting for such a lovely soul as you.

    It was a blast speaking to you yesterday! What a wonderful gift to have found each other!

    Love to you and the furry ones! Anita