Sunday, July 25, 2010

Art of the casa

Last week you got to see some unique features in my little casita. This week, it's art of the casa!

Ok, this isn't a painting but I love the scrollwork on this mirror which I got at my friendly neighborhood antique store called Resurrected Furniture. You can see the reflection of the sunflower painting and the man in the moon is a Christmas ornament from years past.

Graciella's Sunflower. This painting was given to me by a woman I would see in the alleyway every once in awhile on the weekends. She was collecting soda cans. Someone had given her this painting which she had in her cart and when I expressed how much I liked it she gave it to me! She was very sweet.

The Letter, by Renoir. I purchased this one at an impressionist exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art located in Balboa Park. I have been enamored of impressionism since high school and my favorite Renoir is The Luncheon of the Boating Party. For the longest time I thought it was housed at the Louvre but it is actually in a museum in Washington, DC. Meanwhile you can visit The Letter anytime at my casita!

I purchased these little dogs a Westie and a pug from Marshalls probably when I first moved here. They are adorable!

Bathroom art! I got this glamourous lady at Bed Bath & Beyond with one of the store's 20% off coupons. It is a 1957 Vogue cover by Henry Clarke titled Savoir Faire.

Prints and frames from Ikea in keeping with the Parisian theme.

Close up of the Arc de Triomphe, a pretty little replica I got at a thrift shop for $2.

My father was a pilot with Hawaiian Airlines and collected all kinds of airline memorabilia. Here are two posters probably from the late 80s/early 90s.

Ladies, roll your tongues back in!

This is a signed and dated painting that was given to me by someone I worked with. I am embarrassed to say that I am unsure who the artist is as I cannot read the signature but it is lovely and was painted in 1979.

Back home in the early 90s a friend of mine was moving state and knowing how much I always admired this poster she was kind enough to pass it on to me. I think about Marian every time I look at this picture.

I purchased the next two posters at a yard sale not so much because I have an afinity for Africa but because I thought I might want to collect some travel posters. These were professionally framed and when I first strolled by, this one, Africa by Air, sold for $25 and the Air Afrique sold for $75. He didn't want to go down in price so I said I might stop by later to see if it had sold or not. It didn't (!) and he dropped the price to $10 and $20 - SOLD!

I love this poster. It's like a picture within a picture.

Fruits! I got the pears from a thrift shop and the lemons from a shop that was going out of business. The double matted lemon print is by Shelley Hely an Australian artist. I bought a few things from this shop as everything was priced to go.

This adorable bunny was given to me by Kelly who at the time managed a hotel on San Diego Bay. He invited me and a few other friends to Easter Sunday Brunch and we each got a little painting. This is hanging in the doorway to my bedroom.

I think this scene is familiar to everyone! My sister got this for me for about $2 at a yard sale. It's an oil painting and the woman said she got it while she was in France. This is going in my bedroom once I get things rearranged.

The Madonna and child I got for a pittance at a neighborhood antique shop. It sits in the little telephone nook.

Even kitties need art! This is where my gato dines every day!

The background plaques were found at a yard sale and the little birdies were from a great fresh fruit and flower stand in La Costa. They also sell yummy gourmet items and have the best chips and fresh, fresh salsa and chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

The casa art vault!

This is a poster of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel were I used to work. It is gorgeous and historical and has lots of stories to tell. However, it is a romanticized version as there are no buildings pictured in the background.

Hope you enjoyed your tour!

If you have a moment, stay a little longer and have some light refreshment.
I made the banana bread this morning. It's fresh from the oven!
Tea? Cream and sugar?

Have a great week!


  1. What fun! I love seeing what people have on their walls, and I love your eclectic mix. My favorite is probably the sunflower, so happy and bright. BTW, the southwestern piece may be a Pena. It looks like his style, although alot of people were doing that type of artwork in the 70's. Kat

  2. Ah! A home tour of my dear friend's little maison! LOVED IT, BONNIE! Aren't thrift store and garage sale finds the best? You should see the two consignment shop tables I got and then painted Shabby Chic white. SOOOOOOO FUN and TRANSFORMING! I so love to do that.....

    It was so good to hear your voice the other day...I wish we could shop together!

    Enjoy a mild day of sunshine and love! Anita

  3. What a fabulously ecclectic mix of art, Bonnie. I'm not sure which I love the most, the Africa travel pictures or the Hawaiian Airlines but all of them are just fantastic.
    I love peeking around your beautiful home, makes me feel like I'm getting to know you a whole lot better.
    The banana bread looks delicious, I can almost smell it. Isn't your kitty cat a spoilt puss? xxx

  4. I've loved the tour! Did I mention that our son was stationed at Ft. Shafter for three years? We loved visiting. Our second trip, we got a great deal and ended up like royalty for the week at the Kahala Mandarin Oriental. It was fabulous!


  5.'s like a trip around the world. I should come down one day and visit and we could walk down the alley ways favorite past Lovely weather were having huh?


  6. Bonnie what a lovely collection you have. I like the fact that you have so many different type of art. Your bread looks wonderful! thank you for your visit, I always appreciate !!! smiles,P.

  7. Hi Bonnie. Me again. I mentioned one son but forgot to tell you that our eldest was in San Diego last week for Comicon/Comcon? Tried to get him to check out his birthplace in La Jolla but he was too busy and left there to head to an animation convention in L.A.. Also told him to check out Old Town as he spent many a day there being pushed around that lovely spot in his stroller!!


  8. The African/French posters would be among my top 5 of your collection (I visited Burkina Faso twice several years ago.) I really liked that small bunny painting, too.

  9. I loved loking at all your different art pieces you have up, we dont have many of our pictures hung at the moment, weve lived here 2 years you think we would of right .. but I do have some of it up! So I may do a similar blog one day if you dont mind?

    I love the Sunflowers piece - and what a great story behind it! Also I like the Air Africa one!And your cat bowl is toooo cute!

    I'll just help myself to some yummy banana bread then if thats okay :D And tea, black 2 sugars ;P

    Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog recently - I really appreciate them :D

    Sal xXx