Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Trip

I recently found myself in need of a pet sitter. I had previously tried boarding at a nearby facility but found that my very sensitive dog did not respond well under those circumstances.

Through the great staff at Kensington Veterinary Hospital, I found Diana Langley and PawPrints, an in-home pet sitting service. I do not have enough superlatives for Diana but let me try....awesome...understands nervous pets and "parents"...super nice...ethical...
reliable...caring...I really could go on!

Here are some pics she took of my Sadie while I was away. She knew I was really nervous about leaving Sadie behind but she really eased my fears and even sent me these pics of my girl....

OK, this is not Sadie but Kitty, my other "kid" who cottoned up nicely to Diana!

Here is Sadie on her walk with Diana and then posing for the camera.

I can't tell you how reassuring these pictures were along with the emails I received from Diana letting me know how things were going. This was definitely the stressless way to go for both Sadie and me.

Seriously, if you are looking for a trustworthy pet sitter, and live in the San Diego area, please contact Diana at PawPrints. Visit her website PawPrints is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Pet Sitters Associates, Great San Diego Business Association, Pet Sitters International and is the founder and moderator of "The Pet Net." Over 75% of her new clients are referrals from her current list of satisfied pet parents.

Exactly why am I singing Diana's praises? All I can tell you is that on my return home I found a happy and healthy cat and dog. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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  1. Oh Bonnie...How wonderful that you found someone that you can trust with your babies! I so understand! It nearly ruins my vacation worrying about my kitties! Fortunately I have my daughter nearby to peek in...but still stressful to leave them! Hope you are having a good week...Debbie