Friday, April 3, 2009

My Little Chandy

I recently purchased this floral chandelier from a French themed shop in San Diego's Ocean Beach community on Newport Avenue.

You'll fall in love with Vignette Antiques. Take a peak at

This little chandy reminded me of one we had in our home on Maile Beach on the Waianae coast of Hawaii. Instead of crystals it was dripping in flowers over our dining room table. I loved it and always wanted one of my own and now I do!
KITTY! He's a shameless photo hog!

They're ready for their close up Mr. DeMille!
A little cleaning, a little tweaking and it will be ready to hang....somewhere. I originally thought it was going in the master bedroom and now I think I might put it my cozy little kitchen nook. Whichever, it will have it's grand debut soon so stay tuned.
Thanks Ms. Fifi for a wonderful Fashionable Friday I've enjoyed reading all the fun fashionable posts!


  1. Hello sweet Bonnie!
    First of all, what a great find for you, the diasy girl! I love vintage chandeliers. Come on down when you can and cast your vote for the play! This weekend, people must be out of town; my regulars still haven't jumped on board but we still have the week! Thanks so much dear one for participating! That took a lot of your time and the GANAS to try to write. Not everyone has the guts to do it. Merci beaucoup, Anita

  2. Hi Anita, well you know which one I'm going to vote for! If I read right I think you called us playwrights! Never have I even remotely thought of myself as one - makes my heart soar! Thanks for the compliment and providing a great site to visit!

  3. Kitty is adorable in the flowers!