Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vindaloo Hoo?

Exactly! This is another great food find from Target.

I am not all that familiar with Indian cuisine except for curry but based on the Moroccan dish I enjoyed from this same brand, Archer Farms, I decided to try Vindaloo.

The meal has four separate components and includes a spicy onion-ginger sauce, basmati rice with spicy potato, pea saute and mango chutney. Be careful this dish is packing heat but I enjoyed every mouthful. The mango chutney is not of a consistency that I am used to however you can use it as a topping or dipping sauce. The chutney I'm used to back home is a little more substantial and chunky. Still it did add some sweet hot flavor to the dish.

There are more Indian dishes in this line and I'll get through them as fast as I can because this dish was tasty! As for serving suggestions, you can garnish with tomatoes and chopped cilantro, add a dollop of plain yogurt and serve with naan bread. I did add a little shredded chicken and sliced up some bananas that added some additional flavor and cooled down the heat.

The box says it is a product of India so I'm guessing it's fairly authentic. I think this begs some investigative work at a real Indian restaurant to get a taste of traditional and authentic Indian flavors!


  1. Hey there Bonnie!!!! How are you? Listen, your book is in process; my weekends are filled with homework and bathroom projects. I will let you know when it is ready. We have tried some of these Archer Farms products and they are exceptionally good! Take care out there in sunny, warm S.D.! Anita

  2. Hello sweet Bonnie! Yep, that sounds like the old California I knew and and desert-like one day and chilly the next! It's no better here though...Do you know that I have been furiously looking for the name of that pink tea house and I can't locate it! I want to visit there too! Have a great day and thanks for understanding about the hold up on the book!!!! Cheers, Anita