Thursday, April 23, 2015

Max, we're not in Kansas...

...I mean, San Diego anymore! I find myself a fish out of water, a liberal now plopped among conservative republicans and tea party people. It must come from all those years of living in California and Hawaii!

I have recently indulged my penchant for seeking out second hand stuff! The first two photos came from a Katy, Texas Goodwill store on the drive to my new home in Magnolia. I have not bought retail for over a year and honestly, I don't miss it. 

I didn't really think much of this light coverup/sweater but when I put it on, it suddenly came to life, I love it! This is from Dressbarn of all places.

 I love the colors on this top from Westbound Petites. The only problem with it, if you can call it a problem, is that it blends in with my skin tone so I might look a little washed up. But I really love a good paisley print and this more than qualifies.

This is a silky pair of relaxed crop pants with a drawstring on the bottom of each leg. It's navy blue with a cool pattern and vaguely reminds me of India. It's from Zenergy by Chico's. Can I tell you how much I LOVE Chico's!

And here is my selfie wearing the sweater (don't you love how I cut my head off and focused too much on the sink?). I love how the front has a soft cascading ruffle. The sleeveless Susan Graver blouse underneath is silvery and matches great with the gray tones of the sweater. The blouse is from a San Diego Goodwill and I think you can tell where I took this picture!

During a recent outing (which I'll post about later) we happened upon young lady on horseback. She is not a police officer rather part of a local security force doing her rounds.

 I can now consider myself a local Texan as I went and got myself a library card! I thought this sign was awfully cute!

 Yes, that's right. Maraschino cherries soaking up some moonshine. It'll set your throat afire! It wasn't bad when I mixed it with a Dr. Pepper Cherry soda. Think I'll take a nap now!

Are you all looking forward to the weekend?


  1. You'll be o.k.. We were a liberal couple living in Lubbock. We didn't have a pickup in the driveway nor a Cadillac in the garage. We couldn't even say we liked Mac Davis. I'm not sure where Magnolia is (gotta love the name) but if you're close to Austin, you'll really be o.k..


  2. Trust me...we're not all conservative, liberal, Democrat or Republican! Some of us actually think for!
    Drinking Dr Pepper means you're well on your way to being Texan. Next thing you'll have a drawl!
    P.S. Cute finds!