Sunday, April 12, 2015

Here's some news...

...actually, I'm not even sure where to start. But here's the BIG news, I have picked up and moved to Texas! I've been in the Lone Star state for two weeks and I'm slowly acclimating. It's nothing like southern California, the vibe is completely different, but the people here are nice.

A beautiful shot of Texas blue bonnets. Thanks Lady Bird!

We traveled from San Diego, California and powered through Arizona

Saw a lot of the Arizona desert

 and overnighted in Las Cruces, New Mexico (yet more desert landscape)

 After a quick breakfast, we left New Mexico for Texas and spent the night in San Antonio.
So close and yet so far from the Riverwalk and the Alamo. No time for sightseeing!

A big Texas welcome, oh, and drive friendly!

Dawn over San Antonio from my hotel window

Finally arriving in my new home Magnolia, Texas

The cat and dog came with me of course. Before we left, Maxwell went for a shave and a haircut at the groomers. Here's a pic of Max before and a cute one that my sister took after.

Give me a head with hair!

Max after

Here's Kitty who turned out to be a great traveling buddy

So this brings you up to date with all the news that's fit to print. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. 
By the way, what are you doing?


  1. What am I doing? I'm wondering why you moved from southern California to Texas! I'm still wondering why we moved from southern California to Texas many, many year's ago!!
    Nice to hear from you.


  2. BONNIE! I knew I should have asked you to meet me for lunch last summer.
    I think we WERE about 65 miles away... Now look how far!
    I hope you settle in and are very happy there.
    Please continue to post... I have missed you

  3. Goodness me, that is news! Looking forward to learning about Texas and seeing more of Max & Kitty! xxx

  4. sure took the scenic route! Welcome to Texas, where everything is big...the land, sky, belt buckles and hair. Tell Max he should fit right in!

  5. I have 3 blog friends outside the Dallas Area, one in Corpus Christi and another not sure, they are all very nice Texans, good luck in your new home. i don't know anything about games or the series game of thrones, i got that in