Sunday, August 14, 2011

Donuts for breakfast

It all went south yesterday when I turned on the television first thing in the morning.

Somehow I found my way to the Travel Channel and to a show that spotlighted great breakfast spots across the US. Did you know that breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal of the day? The program showcased breakfast burritos the size of a small country, 12 egg omelets whipped up as big as your head, and gigantor sized pancakes that hung off your plate. But what really got my attention were the donuts! Donuts the size of Texas!

You better believe it!

So all day long I was craving...DONUTS!

Since my mind is on food (!), how about I share a few of my fave places to visit when I get the munchies!

I love this place, it's called Pacifica Del Mar. The food is excellent whether you are there for a corporate event, meeting friends for lunch or just drinks and nibbles on a weekend afternoon. I’ve been there for all occasions and it is always consistently good.

The restaurant is located in the Del Mar Plaza which also houses White House Black Market.

The whole shooting match is just across the street from Del Mar Beach which is breathtaking. I’ve been to the beach for many a picnic that’s gone way into the evening!

The beach at Del Mar

A Blueberry Mojito - Yummy!

Rebecca's Coffee House is a great place to experience a funky and fun atmosphere. I've only been there for coffee and muffins but there are other more substantial offerings. This is an area called South Park and is full of interesting boutiques nearby.

A cute and fun coffee house to lounge with friends or a good book!

Who could resist?

The Mission has gotten a little spruce up recently on the exterior of the restaurant. I’ve been there for breakfast and lunch and always enjoyed myself. The clientele is eclectic enough so that when I was going through chemo, I could go in and feel comfortable with or without a bandana. Oh yes, I was as bald as a cue ball! There was no need for second glances because I just blended in! My favorite thing to order from The Mission is Rancheros Verde - it's delicioso! If you go to the website, I visit the one in North Park.

They have great chicken sausages with eggs

Mexican hot chocolate!

One of Big Kitchen’s claims to fame is that Whoopi Goldberg used to work there. But believe me their food is awesome too and the restaurant has been featured on The Food Network. How about some pancakes, they are pretty tasty and the egg dishes are great! I like Big Kitchen because it is really an unassuming place, casual and the food is plentiful and good.

The outdoor patio

I love spinach omelettes and potatoes

Like Mexican food? El Zarape has it in spades. It is very unassuming from the outside but once inside it’s charming if tiny. The food is excellent and I had a lobster burrito the last time I was there.

Do you like carne asada fries? I do, but you can never eat it in one session. Be prepared to get the lefterovers to go. When you think about it, it's basically steak and potatoes!

Oh, P.S., I had a donut for breakfast this morning!

Have a great week!


  1. How interesting to see the restaurants near you, Bonnie! The food looks so different from what I see down here in the South! Now you have me hungry for donuts! I wonder if the "Hot Donuts" sign is on at Krispy Kreme???lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I'm gonna have to remember next time I'm down that way...and btw, I haven't eaten a donut in about 3 years....even when Krispy Kreme moved in down the

    have a wonderful weekend Ms. B

  3. I can't get over the choices you have for breakfast (or the size of that doughnut). I'd love to tuck into that spinach omelette with the potatoes, shall we arrange a date and I'll join you? x

  4. BONNIE! That restaurant, PACIFICA DEL MAR...I think, I THINK I have been there in the past!!!! What a view and HELLO THERE!!!!! GREETINGS!

    We are very well. A magnificent summer well-spent on new discoveries and school starts in 10 days, or rather, teacher meetings, inservices, workshops and classroom prep. The kids come back after Labor Day....I am NOT READY! I have been coasting and delving into other personal goals...but must get back to work!

    HOW ARE YOU??????

    CHEERS and best wishes dear friend! ANITA

  5. Hi my dear-I'm drooling at all this delicious food, each place looks so inviting and scrumptious, lucky you!! Fab pictures too and hope you're well, have a good week xxx

  6. Mmm donuts. This is making me hungry!

  7. Oh my goodness now I am hungry! I love breakfast foods too-especially omelets!



  8. Gawd you live in such a beautiful part of the world with so many wonderful food choices!! I can definitely see myself snuggling down with the daily newspaper and coffee in Rebecca's Coffee House - what a delightful place! As for the food, I'm not a sweet-tooth so I would make a bee-line for the spinach omelette and potatoes and the "steak and potatoes" dish in the last pic. Thanks for making me want to gnaw my arm off!!!!!!! xoxox

  9. Breakfast/brunch is our favorite meal too! I don't know that any of those restaurants/coffee shops were there when we were. I do know the area well. We just may head down your way sometime after visiting the bay area. I'd like to stroll the streets of La Jolla again.


  10. GOOD MORNING DEAR BONNIE! Two-time winner of my theatre shows from way back! Oh dear, how are you? Thank you for visiting me. Very few original followers come by anymore, but I guess that is the nature of blogging, but it is so wonderful to always meet new friends. But seeing old friends is so nostalgic. I am back at school tomorrow and the stress begins!!!

    Thank you for coming by; how is Sadie and Kitty??? Anita