Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's on my mind

I had a dream last night.

My mother, brother and I got into a taxi but not by opening the door, we had to climb through the windows! Our driver was hunched over the steering wheel with his head turned to the right. He had some kind of condition and that's how he drove, the whole way- YIKES!

We got on the craziest freeway that had no middle barriers or side railings and we were high above the city almost in the clouds. The lane we were in suddenly came to an abrupt end and instead of driving off the edge we somehow made it into the next lane.

We finally got into the city - I forgot to mention we were in New York - and soon arrived at my godmother's house.

I started having a conversation with my mother when all of a sudden she morphed into Whoopi Goldberg. She was still my mother but in the form of Whoopi Goldberg!

Ok, if anyone can interpret that dream I'd be greatful!

I'd like to share a note I wrote to my mom. It's kind of personal but I feel compelled to share it with you because sometimes it's hard not being with her. I don't share this with a lot of people but my mother has Alzheimer's and I don't believe she quite knows who I am sometimes. I don't get to hear her voice often so I mostly communciate by writing to her.

Hi Mother!

I am wondering if you are having a good day. How is the weather, is it hot? The weather in San Diego is quite pleasant. (I drew a smiley face)

What are you up to? Right now I am reading 3 books at the same time. Don't ask me how I manage but so far so good!

What's for dinner tonight? I plan on making teriyaki burgers. Yummy! I think I'm going to use ground turkey instead of hamburger. What do you think? For dessert I would like something simple but I keep wanting cake! A white cake with fruit in the middle. (And then I ran out of space)

Always remember Mommie Dearest how much I love you!

Your daughter, Bonnie

Here is a pic of my mother and father and their littlest BonBon.

Hope you all give your loved ones an extra hug today!


  1. What a bizarre dream, Bonnie. What on earth were you eating before you went to bed, cheese?!
    I'm sorry about your Mum, Alzheimer's is such an awful illness, my Grandma was the same, sometimes there would be a hint of recognition and other times, nothing. Big hugs to you. xxx

  2. BonBon, let me give this some thought. The first thing that came to mind was the window. With your mother's Alzheimer's, you probably feel as if there are only small windows of opportunity to the times when she remembers you. Perhaps you also see the road God has placed y'all on as dangerous, but you know He is the "right" person to be doing the driving and is giving you wings to see you through the rough spots. I believe that God talks to me in my dreams (not always, but enough that I believe) and perhaps Whoopi is His reminder to listen. (Think "Ghost")
    Alzheimer's is such a thief. It steals our precious time with our family and loved ones. Grab what time you have dear heart...and hold on tight with both hands.
    Prayers will go up for you and your mom.

  3. Bonnie darlin', this is a great idea. Since she does not recognize your voice, writing her may be one of the best ways to communicate. AND....maybe even adding a picture of the both of you together?

    Anyways, this is a perfect way to try to get through to her. I feel for you dearest; I hope you are enjoying a good summer? I AM!!!! We have stayed HOME, enjoying reading, creating and shaping our next MOVE into writing. It will take time however, because there are so many ideas. With the school year coming upon us quickly, it will take some strategies to try to figure out how to be productive during these crazy and tiring months!


  4. I'm sorry to hear that your mother is disappearing into this dreadful disease. My mother began slipping into dementia her last year. It was a sad and funny time. Sad that she started to become someone she would not have liked very much and funny because she did!! I think the letters are a great idea--for both of you.

    I won't try to analyze your dream. I will say that I think I've ridden with that cabbie both in Chicago and NYC!!


  5. I won't even attempt to analyze your dream Bonnie! To me, all dreams are me, I've had really really super weird dreams. But ultimately, I think it's our brains' way of trying to relax and releasing all the nervous worries we have inside us. Sorry to hear about your mom, I'm praying for her.


  6. Hi my dear- what a bizarrre dream!! So sorry to hear about your mum, thats a lovely message shared xxx

  7. That dream sounds hilarious. I wish I could interpret it for you. (Wouldn't that be an awesome career?! Dream interpreter? Lol).

    I'm sorry about your mom. I can't even imagine how difficult that must be.

    Your note was really sweet. :)

  8. What a wild dream! I'll be interested to know what it means (hopefully someone will interpret it for you:).

    My prayers go out to your mother.



  9. Hi Bonnie
    Sorry I cannot help interpret your dream.. Very interesting.. hmmmm...
    I think it is a wonderful idea to write to your mom.. Just know in her heart she holds you dear.. Even when you least expect it.
    Enjoy your weekend

  10. Very sad about your Mom,Bonnie.It's a cruel disease.My Dad had dementia,fairly similar,I think.Very upsetting.
    Crazy,crazy dream! XXX

  11. Aunty B, love the dream and love your letter to grandma. I like to believe that the mind forgets, but the heart always remembers. So glad we got to talk yesterday. Love you lots!