Thursday, July 14, 2011

trip back in time

I have been on the look out for cake eyeliner for some time now without much success. I do have an eye shadow by Lancome that you can use wet or dry but I'm looking for a product with a price point that won't break the bank! Say something under 10 bucks.

Back in the day I loved Maybelline or Yardley cake eyeliners. I guess they've gone out of fashion.

I remember when Yardley was a HOT product. I loved the packaging it was so MOD and COOL. Their commercials were mostly shown during the Monkees TV show, take a look...

Oh yes, I was a GROOVY girl!

Olivia Hussey, wasn't she gorgeous! I almost forgot about Oh! de London cologne.

Believe me I had all the products. I wanted a London luv story as much as this girl!

Jean Shrimpton, one of the IT girls of the 60s

OMG, I am having a total flashback to the hallways of my old high school trying to avoid Sister Mary Margaret Something-or-other and grooving to the sounds of oh, say...Daydream Believer or I Got You Babe on my transistor because iPods hadn't been invented yet!

Our uniform consisted of saddle shoes, white short sleeve blouses and blue plaid woolen pleated skirts. Wool in Hawaii, whose idea was that! We also had uniform inspections every morning, and seriously, GOD help you if you weren't wearing a full length slip. That would cost you at the very least, three Hail Mary's, one Our Father, the Act of Contrition and a trip home.

I later switched to a public shool and after years of being sheltered with the nuns I really did experience a little culture shock! They were crazy in public school, swearing, smoking, rude gestures! You know, real life!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!


  1. I adore these adverts, Bonnie! the 1960's makeup advertising was just gloriously pretty and feminine. I haven't seen a cake eyeliner for years but do recommend Bourjois' little round pot Intense Eyeshadow which you can wet and apply with an eyeliner brush for good effect. x

  2. I had forgotten the name Yardley, flipped back in time. enjoyed the commercial. they are a lot different now than they were then. and I for one am so happy we no longer have to wear slips or even dresses. i was raised in a home that allowed no pants no makeup so missed all that you are talking about. started wearing a little makeup in the 60's after i got married.

  3. Yes I remember the British invasion...loved it!
    I use Merle Norman eye yours, you can use wet or dry. Did I ever tell you that I met Flo and Eddie, the lead singers of the turtles?...Oh I have stories to
    I will be going to the OC fair on Wednesday, not looking forward to it but Raquel will be showing her steer and it will be her last time....(tear)
    take care,


    Oh how wonderful I remember feeling using YARDLEY cake eyeliner...and all the pretty and special tools. I used to have a really cool lip brush in gold metal...what fun. THANK YOU FOR VISITING DEAREST and blue...ahhhh, this color has taken my heart away. I was always a GREEN person, but blue always was a favorite. But now the peaceful feeling of aqua has taken over. Be well dear one, Anita

  5. Law...I wanted to look just like Jean Shrimpton...missed the mark by about 8"! I did get pretty good at putting on the "Twiggy lash"!
    Clinique makes a cake liner. It's $15 though.
    I still use the lavender soap!

  6. Oh my goodness, Bonnie! Did this ever take me back! Believe it or not, I tried to do my eyes like Twiggy's! I am not sure at all how that looked on me! I remember there was a new girl at school who wore white lipstick and we thought she was sooo mod! lol WE are having a kitty cat birthday party for Baby Kitty on Friday and we would love it if Kitty would come! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  7. What's a "transistor"? Just kidding! I'm looking for an eyebrow pencil, dark brown, that's around $2.95. Where did they go? Mac has one for $20.00. You still have to sharpen it with one of those little plastic pencil sharpeners but where in the world can you find one of those?

    I hope you are wallowing in that lovely S.D. weather. I'm as limp as a wet noodle around here.


  8. What a fun trip down memory lane! Thanks for the smiles:).



  9. Hi Bonnie! We will be glad to see you at the party whenever you and the crew arrive! The link will be up for several days! Happy weekend!...hugs..Debbie

  10. Those WERE the days, weren't they???? I agree that it would be SO great to find products that "don't break the bank"! I don't wear a TON of makeup, but Wowsers!

  11. The 1960s were, culturally, my favorite decade. The music, the clothes, the spirit of social change, the faith in the coming space-age of the Jetsons -- nothing since then, and definitely nothing today, matches it.