Sunday, April 11, 2010

I feel the earth move!

I FELT the earth move under my feet…honest! Carol King has nothing on me!

I’ve experienced earthquakes in Hawaii, Japan, and of course California, but not one as huge as 7.2! In California it is a common occurance although most are so slight chances are you may not even feel it. For some reason I often feel them when I am in bed but the tremblers are so slight it's not worth getting out of bed for! Not that I take them for granted, I have a healthy respect for Mother Nature. I have been through hurricanes, volcanoes, horrible California fires and tsunamis and trust me, it can be quite frightening.

Imagine this, a peaceful Easter Sunday afternoon, time 3:40pm, I was watching a great movie but was tired and was actually starting to snooze when I felt a gentle rocking motion. I thought it was the dog moving around trying to get comfortable. Well, it wasn’t the dog, she was asleep on her own bed, and that’s when I realized it was an earthquake. The gentle motion, became more forceful, I heard a big bang from the bathroom, the mirror had fallen down. I stood up and the rocking became intense, the light fixture was swaying and I was officially scared! It was the longest, most violent earthquake I have ever felt. I believe it was timed at 45 seconds but it was intense and seemed like it would never stop.

NBC News Report

We are still experiencing aftershocks. Some people reported that they felt some trembling this morning, one week later, though I did not. San Diego was lucky that there was minimal damage considering what has happened in other parts of the world.

Here's a video of a San Diego student who was getting ready to record a song when all of a sudden....

Batten down the hatches and stay safe everyone!


  1. Holy cow! That is scary stuff, that poor kid. I wonder if she ever got her song recorded? Looks like this may have been in a dorm, those kids had to be scared witless. Hope that you stay safe. Thanks for stopping by, yes that is DH and I in both #3 and 4 - several years apart, and in the 2nd one I was 4 months pregnant. And DH's hairloss was just beginning :) Kathy

  2. Hi there-hope you keep safe and well my dear, what an experience for you, take care!

  3. Good morning dearest one! I have been wondering where you have been! Safe I see, but oh dear, those after shocks just won't quit! Stay safe and please come on by or drop a quick email and let me know what's up! Anita

  4. Haven't felt one aftershock...but I can imagine the earth moving for you...and not in a good Yep, Austria, as in the

    Have a great week bonnie,,,tootles, bunny

  5. Wow...I don't know what I would do in an earthquake. The video was scary! I am glad that you are alright and weren't in the bathroom. Ironically, that is where WE are told to go in the case of a tornado. Best to take the mirror down first! I shouldn't joke.

    So happy to hear from you yesterday. Hope all is well with you, Bonnie! :-)


  6. Wow Bonnie, how scary. I can realte a bit with you as I was on the "eye"of Hurricane Andrew in 2002.... it was a scary thing! You take care and be safe friend,Warm hugs, Pat

  7. Hello Bonnie from San Diego. I'm Bonnie from Chicago. We used to live in La Jolla and I was always on the alert for the "big one". We never felt even a tremor in the four years we lived there. Actually, Chicago had a moderate tremor last year. I thought we'd only have to worry about blizzards, thunderstorms and tornados!!


  8. wow! i've been in two earthquakes -- not real big ones, but it's an odd feeling that you just don't *get* at first....especially the one in the middle of the night. we thought it was burglars!