Monday, April 26, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

I have been an enthusiastic visitor of the San Diego Zoo since the 70s. It has definitely evolved over time and is not just world famous but a world class zoological park. I spent Sunday at the zoo and although I was there from 10:30 to 3pm, I still not get to see everything.

As you can see it was a beautiful day at the zoo

Here is a brief retrospect of some of the gardens you’ll see throughout the zoo...

A Garden Festival is scheduled May 7-9 to coincide with Mother's Day where you will learn the secrets to the zoo's beautiful gardens.

A beautiful sculpture seeking shade under the canopy of a gorgeous tree

Skyfari offers spectacular views of the zoo and surrounding Balboa Park

The California Tower and dome houses the San Diego Museum of Man in Balboa Park. The Zoo is one of many attractions at Balboa Park.

A waterfall in the Gorilla exhibit

Waterfall in the Scripps Aviary

Yee-ouch! Be sure not to take these home as a souvenir!

Gorgeous little pond with ducks if you look close enough!

Hope you enjoyed your all too brief tour of the gardens of the San Diego Zoo. There really is much more and I wish I had taken more pictures.

Stay tuned as I'll be back next week with the animals of the San Diego Zoo. Here's a preview:

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Bonnie: Thanks for stopping by. When we lived in La Jolla (1974-1980) we had season tickets to the zoo. The boys were babies (an infant and a toddler both born at Scripps so they are true Californians) and it was a great place to take them. Also enjoyed the Wild Animal Park. Our eldest got to toddle around in "snow" at Sea World one winter. Of course, once we got to the Chicago area, the snow came automatically in winter (sometimes in fall and spring as well). I'm enjoying your "books". I'm an avid reader and just returned from my Muse Book Group discussion of "Half Broke Horses". Very good! I've just become one of your "followers" to better keep up with you.


  2. Thanks for the tour Bonnie. This is one place that I've always wanted to visit. Love the elephant topiary, but my favorite shot is of the flamingos. They just make me smile :) Kathy

  3. Hi there-how wonderful it looks here, such a gorgeous review and stunning pictures, thanks for sharing!! Thanks for your lovely comment too, have a great week my dear!

  4. I need to get to our local zoo. The Fort Wayne zoo used to be in cooperation with San Diego's (back when our children were young and we had passes. Don't know if that still is the case. I think they would honor season tickets from other zoos in the consortium....) It looks very beautiful there!

  5. Hi Bonnie,
    Thanks for stopping by. I love your pics of the zoo, it looks like an incredible place to visit. I love the elephant topiary, very impressive. Take care, Sandi x

  6. Hey Bonnie...These pics brings back memories of when we used to brings our daughters when they were wee little ones. I actually like this Zoo more than the L.A Zoo. I haven't been to San Diego in a while...maybe a little side trip is called for...


  7. WHAT HAPPENED? I COULD HAVE SWORN I already visited you on this post? I know I did; I talked about our time at the San Diego zoo....that is too weird!!! Oh, what fun it is to go there and then go to Sea World and then out for dinner....that was our routine when we were younger! Thank you Bonnie AND Paisley for stopping by for a bike ride with Bebe! We have much in store this summer!

    Bisous, Anita

  8. argh, just lost my first comment:( looks like a fabulous zoo Bonnie. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I love the pink flamingoes:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  9. Hi Bonnie!
    I love your Paisley in Nowhere...I have given you a tag line over in Nowhere. See post today! Come see me over on my Once Upon a Fairyland blog. I just ended my Gnomes Ahoy give away but I have a new one in May...Groovy Girls...wanna come along? (Jacqueline and Gretta from Gothere)

  10. Hi Bonnie
    I can't remember when I visited the San Diego Zoo last.. It has been years.. Thank you for the tour... I love that elephant sculpture...
    I am excited to see the photos of the animals.
    Have a great weekend. Bebe sends her love to paisley..

  11. Bonnie-I have always heard how fabulous this zoo is! I love zoos. In fact, we had our daughter's wedding reception at the zoo :) Thanks for sharing the pictures!