Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to You

Every Sunday I look forward to perusing the Sunday paper. My favorite section of late has been celebrity birthdays. Here are a few that will be celebrating this week:

March 28
Vince Vaughn (40)

He's great at portraying "every guy" which is probably why I loved Dodgeball!

Julia Stiles (29)

Ok, I loved her in The Prince and Me. Not the most thought provoking movie but I enjoyed the fairy tale aspect of it. I am rather fond of this hairstyle.

March 30

John Aston (80)

Eighty years old, can it possibly be? I best remember him as Gomez, of course, who would drive Morticia crazy everytime he spoke French.

Robbie Coltrane (60)

He is best known as Hagrid from the Harry Potter films but I liked him in Nuns on the Run and British TV shows. The title of the movie alone makes me giggle, me, a Catholic school girl.

Paul Reiser (53)
How long has Mad About You been off the air? Too long! I also loved him in Aliens. I think that was the best movie of the franchise.

MC Hammer (47)

Hammertime! Ok, here is an interesting tidbit, my cousin was one of his dancers. He met her in a dance club in Honolulu was impressed and asked her to be a part of his show. How could she refuse?

Eric Clapton (65 )
I remember when Eric Clapton was a part of Cream. I bet you don't recognize him in this video!

Tracy Chapman (46)

Tracy Chapman has many songs that I admire but my favorite is Fast Car.

March 31

Ewan McGregor (39)
He was in Trainspotting and played a young Obi Won Kenobi but my all time favorite role he did was as Norman Warne in Miss Potter. His latest movie Ghost Writer seems intriguing.

April 2

Linda Hunt (65)

Oooh, a great actress in The Year of Living Dangerously. Now I enjoy her in NCIS: Los Angeles with LL Cool J (yummy!) but I also liked her in Kindergarten Cop!

April 3

Doris Day (87)
I am a fan of Doris Day because she is a champion for animal rights but I also love her for all the wonderful films and TV work she has done. I loved all the screwball comedies with James Garner, Rock Hudson, and others. Remember With Six You Get Eggroll? One of my faves!

Billy Joe Royal (68)
See if you can remember this far back when Billy Joe Royal was on Shindig singing Down in the Boondocks!

Amanda Bynes (24)

Oh to be 24 and know what I know today, what would I tell myself? I just happened to catch What a Girl Wants today on TV for the millionth time. It's one of my favorite cute movies and I'm sure it has nothing to do with Mr. Darcy, I mean Colin Firth!

If it's your birthday this week I wish you a happy one!


  1. Good morning Bonnie! How are you dearest? This was a fabulous stroll down Birthday lane! MC Hammer knew your cousin? How cool is that.....I am wondering how things are going dear. I haven't heard back from you since I sent an email; I hope all is well. How is Sadie and Kitty? I am off all week for Spring Break and I am one happy teacher. Please write when you get a chance. Anita

  2. This was a fun post! So "Slow Hand" is 65? sigh... Kathy

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  4. When my hubby had hair..he resembled Eric Clapton...BTW, my hubbys name is
    Nice Pics.. Hagrid is my favorite character in the harry potter movies... Have a wonderful week!


  5. Nice of you to wish everyone a happy birthday! LOVE Doris Day!!!

  6. Hi Bonnie, thanks for stopping by. Austin is a LOT of fun, I think you'd really enjoy it. I know that CHOPS is available on Netflix, and Cait tells me she's seen it at the Blockbuster here in town. I hope you get a chance to see it, it's alot of fun. Have a great week. Kathy

  7. You're far more celebrity savvy than I! Fun post & informative, too. I should pay more attention :)

  8. Oh, you are most welcome to come and have some blueberry pie and PG Tips! Good friends, pie, tea...what more could anyone dare to ask for?

  9. Precious BOnnie!

    Did you like the little pink bed? And you had a slice of blueberry pie with Tea...he is a little glutton, that rat! He ordered 25 more, so bring Paisley and the gang with ya' and we shall make merry to celebrate Easter! Bisous, Anita

  10. Wow what a fabulous collection of celebrity birthdays Bonnie! Oh I love Eric Clapton and am a huge Doris Day fan (love Calamity Jane and the Pyjama Game- just to name a couple) and well ok since you asked, I am quite partial to Mr. Vince Vaughan too ;) Another wonderful post as always Bonnie! I enjoy your blog sooo much!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  11. What a great post Bonnie. I don't know how long Mad about you has been off the air, I really enjoyed that program. Always left me laughing.
    Happy Easter.

  12. Good morning dear friend! Thank you for coming by my post yesterday! Well, I am off to school after having one wonderful and dreaming vacation in my head! I spent time drawing and doing the things I love, and catching a little shut-eye.

    Happy day to you and Sadie and Kitty! Anita

  13. Hello Bonnie
    Felt the quake yesterday... House kind of rolled at bit. I am sure you felt it. Jasper knew what it was.. He was smacking the dishwasher.. I said.. What is the matter with you.. then, there it went. I will pay more attention to him in the future..
    Have a wonderful day.

  14. Oh my goodness just look at some of those names (and ages). Lovely post and some lovely memories. Hope you had a wonderful Easter. Sandi x

  15. Hi there-what a fabulous post and a big Happy Birthday to all these people!! Hope you have a great week ahead my dear!

  16. I sure did feel the next post will be exactly that...about Californians and earthquakes. I'm sure you were more shook up than me...yikes!


  17. Wow-I didn't realize how many of these stars are my age! This was fun!



  18. hey there Bonnie! How have you been? Anita